July Goals

Oh, July…the 1/2-way mark of the year!  Can you believe that we are half the way through 2015?  So, this is just a quick post with my July goals.  I didn’t get any further than cutting out last month’s shirt (but I did spend an entire hour learning how to thread my “new to me” serger!)  I do still plan to finish that shirt but I have another project for July.  Well, two but that’s a different post!

I picked up a group of sweet and pretty prints from our guild’s inspiration pile for charity quilts and this is where I’m at….


I found this pattern on Pintrest and I have no idea where it originated so my apologies to the designer.  It’s a variation of a rail fence with two rails being made of squares.  It’s low contrast so you can’t really see the rails well but it will still be a sweet baby quilt for some little one.

Speaking of sweet, little ones, this little thing wandered into our lives late last week.  I have to admit that I’m not sure she’ll find her forever home with us because she’s really scared of other cats.  She does love, love, love people though and she’s sweet as can be with just enough spice to make her kitten-ish!


Well, it’s Doctor Day here with multiple appointments and a list to do to get ready for going to the Sisters Quilt Show later in the week.  Watch this spot for some fun, quilty photos!

Happy quilting,


Linking this up to A Lovely Year of Finishes!




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