A Little Sew-Jo

Oh,  I do love sewing time and I’ve been in a slump these last couple of weeks but the skies opened up and I was blessed with a couple pockets of time! I decided to tackle the scrap basket (ok, one of many) that currently looks like this.


Scary,  right?  Well,  the first thing out of it were a whole bunch of cloth napkins (18) in need of hems.



These are little lunch-sized napkins that are just right for little hands and quick snacks.
I also finished a few stray blocks including my first “Wild and Goosey” unit.


“Wild and Goosey” is another wonderful Bonnie Hunter patten which can be found on Quiltmaker  Magazine’s website

23 blocks in all. ..that feels really good!


also got the final borders on a charity quilt but,  if course,  when you lay a quilt out somewhere. ..cuteness happens!

This is Gizmo giving it a “cat scan.”
I’m hoping to finish my goal project,  a shirt for my husband, this weekend and baste a couple small projects.  It’s our anniversary on Saturday,  too,  so I guess I can’t spend the whole day in the sewing room,  can I?
Happy quilting!

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