June Goals and a May/June Finish


It’s done, it’s done!  Labeled and bound and already at home in another state.  It was a perfect morning for photos but, by the time I went to take this photo, Oregon had adopted a “torrential downpour” kind of attitude which made photos outdoors an impossible option.  I finished it two days late for my May finish but I really enjoyed my time with my daughter and mom so it was worth it!

Now, on to June.  My dear husband is in need of a few shirts with the summer heating up so I’ve got a different kind of finish on my list for June.  (Actually, I’m hoping for more than one but let’s be real here.)  I’ve been known to occasionally (cough, cough) buy three yards of fabric with the “it will make a great shirt” justification.  The result is that there are about six or seven large pieces waiting to be sewn into shirts.  Oregon is already heating up and I need to get this man into some more short sleeve shirts pretty quick so my goal is to start with this print


and work my way from there.  Now, lest you think this is a small goal (in my sewing days a shirt was about a two-to-three hour project) I need to confess that this will require the mastery of a new-to-me serger as well.

I’m linking this up to a Lovely Year of Finishes over at Fiber of All Sorts.

Happy sewing and quilting!

Oh, and I wanted to show you a picture of my graduate with her quilt…I think she’s pretty pleased!


One response to “June Goals and a May/June Finish

  1. Well, she certainly looks pleased with her quilt! 🙂

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