“The Girl in the Road” Should Stay There

girl in the road

Ok, first let me emphatically state that I am not a prude. I’m not offended by sex in novels (although I’d prefer it to be less graphic than more graphic) and I’m not particularly picky about the gender mix of the adults in said novels. I mean, I may not be inclined the same way but it’s not my place to judge. I draw the line, however, at sex with children being portrayed as anything but abuse. There are not one but two scenes in this book where an adult has a sexual encounter with a younger person and one is portrayed as an 8 year-old initiating a sexual encounter with a 20 year-old. For that reason alone, I feel this book is a total waste but that’s not really all that’s wrong with it.
In addition to this obvious flaw, the setting is murky and unclear. I mean, sure, it a post-apocalyptic setting but initially you struggle to figure out where on the space/time continuum you are. While the language is pretty good, there is no sense of clear plot or resolution and I finished it with a sense of “Well, that was a waste of my time,” and a strong desire to wash my hands.
All in all, I’d suggest that “The Girl in the Road” be left there to be run over by a truck.
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, obviously, are my own!

One response to ““The Girl in the Road” Should Stay There

  1. Thank you for the warning! I get lots of books free for my Kindle and when I stumble upon one like this, I just delete it after posting a review warning others away. This one I won’t even bother downloading!!

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