Happy Victoria Day

What’s the best way to explore Victoria, BC?  Well, in my opinion,  taking about 100 terrific high school band members with you can’t be beat!   (No pun intended.
Seriously,  though,  I’m chaperoning my younger daughter on a band trip to Canada and we are having a great time


This is the two if us on the ferry.
And,  of course I had to find a quilt shop.


I showed admirable restraint and kept my purchases to one fat quarter even though the shop was having a sale on batiks.
We spent yesterday morning at the gardens which were lovely


and today we march in the parade.  If you happen to be here,  we’re the band in the red,  black and gold uniforms. 


I’ll write more later when I’m not posting from my phone.
Happy quilting!

One response to “Happy Victoria Day

  1. Looks like you’re having a great tine!

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