Oops, I Filled My Drawers!

imageOne of the basic rules of the “Scrap User System” by Bonnie Hunter is that when you fill a drawer, you need to make a quilt.  Well, here’s how my 2″ and 2.5″ drawers are looking after all those scrap cutting sessions I did a few weeks back. The big question is what to make first?  I’ve been eyeing up all the lovely scrappy trips I’ve been seeing but I also had a big set of 30’s strips that I wanted to use together. Hmmm…too many fun fabric strips to play with. Sounds like a great problem to have if you ask me! Gizmo likes it, too. When I leave the drawer open, he starts pulling strips out. I wonder what the quilt would look like if I just used what he pulled? A kitty collaboration might be fun!
Happy quilting!



5 responses to “Oops, I Filled My Drawers!

  1. what a fun idea!!!! You could name it the Cat house strip!!!! Double entendra–(sp???)

  2. I love McQuilter325’s idea of doing that and the name is perfect!!

  3. It could be a small kitty quilt just for Gizmo.

  4. Ooh, all those lovely scraps!

  5. Awesome boxes you will have lots of fun with that

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