A Winner and A Goal

Some of the dust has settled around here although the 80 hour weeks continue and the sewing time has been sparse.  I managed to get some progress on my April goal but not a finish.  I quilted my way out to the borders on Sarah’s quilt but still have a border and binding to go.  I haven’t the time, really, but that outer border is just calling for feathers, don’t you think?

I finally pulled the winner (actually Mr. Random did) and I’ve got comment #26 as the lucky winner.  I’ll be contacting you for  a snail mail address later today.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by and left such kind comments.

Since I didn’t finish my goal for April, I’m simply recycling it for May (that almost sounds efficient, doesn’t it?)  My daughter, Sarah, is coming home to walk in her graduation ceremony at the end of the month and I’ll be able to send it home on the plane instead of trusting it to the post.  At least, I hope she’ll have room for it in her bag!

I’m linking this up to A Lovely Year of Finishes and I’ll be back soon with some book reviews and a story I want to share but I’m off to do preschool drop-off at the moment.

Happy Quilting!


2 responses to “A Winner and A Goal

  1. With your crazy schedule, I’m surprised you got as much finished as you did! It is looking great and she will love it!!!

  2. Your quilting looks fabulous. I hope you get a little more sewing time soon.

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