Have a Latte? Or a Tea? Or a Giveaway?

First, let me just take a minute to thank Joan of Moosestash Quilting and Madam Samm for all the fun-ness that goes on with orchestrating a blog hop.  None of this would be happening without them and I am grateful even if I have been a TERRIBLE cheerleader this time around!  (I’d tell you about the 80 hour weeks but after a while it sounds like BLAH, BLAH, BLAH even to me!)

So, let’s talk fabric (I LOVE talking fabric!)  Dan DiPaolo came up with this lovely line and, unfortunately, I had a little trouble finding it and squeezing it out of the budget.  I did manage to get my hands on this little selection.



The idea was to make something kitchen-related and I immediately decided on pot holders.  They’re quick, easy and everyone needs them (especially my oldest daughter who recently moved for work. Yes, Sarah, look for another envelope in the mail.)  I wanted to use the cup print but those cups are, well, kinda big for potholders.  So, I changed my approach.  I love the free-piecing letters from WordPlay and so I decided on “hot” for one of the holders (we called them “hot pads” when I was growing up.)  I did think of doing three with the letters “H”, “O” and “T” but I was worried about what people might think if you lost the “T”.  So, I made the “hot” pad and, despite it being a tad large, I liked it.  Now, I wanted to do a cup but I was still in “free-piecing mode” so I decided, “I can free piece a cup.”  And I did.  Like this

I cut a squat rectangle and sliced a wedge off each long side.



I made a “handle” and added background beneath it.


Then, I sewed the pieces together and bordered them.


Then, I added a border of the red with dots (I love that one!) and layered these guys up with insulated batting and regular batting and, voila, hot pads.


They’re a tad irregular and funky but I like them and I think Sarah will love them in her new kitchen.  I did back them with the big cups, too.  Now, there’s lots more I would have liked to try…a tea cozy, perhaps some tea towels with attitude but, alas, time eluded me.  So, it’s your turn to decide what to make.  I have three fat quarters left to give away.  They are the black with swirls, the yellow phrases and the cups.


I’ll get Mr. Random to draw for me after the hop and, yes, I’ll ship internationally.

First, leave me a comment telling me what you think I should make next and, then, be sure to hop over to my fellow Latte-ers and see what they’ve been up to (and please forgive me if I can’t respond to every comment…12-hour days, blah, blah, blah.)

Today, I’m lucky to be sharing my day with


    Words & Stitches – That’s Me!

Oh, and lest you ever be tempted to think I’m getting my act together….look what happened to the first set of “hot” letters….I’m still trimming those pieces out!


Just remember, it’s not the setbacks we remember, it’s the overcoming!

Happy quilting!



37 responses to “Have a Latte? Or a Tea? Or a Giveaway?

  1. I think you should make the kitchen towels next. I have discovered “lost” pieces in my quilting as well. It’s more frustrating when they are the last pieces of fabric you have and it means pulling out the stitches to rescue them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your hot pads, that is what I call them too! How about making some hot mitts? Thank you for sharing. Judy B.

  3. Great hot pads! Maybe you could make some zippered pouches?!

  4. hot pads, really nice!

  5. Lovely Hot pads and they could well be used for decorating too. IMHO… If you do a tea cozy, then eliminate the coffee theme and use the other fabrics complimentary fabrics unless you like oxymoron themed items to go with the wonky. lol

    Nicely done. I like wonky too!

  6. Great hot pads there – I would still go with pan handles next.

  7. Your daughter is going to love these. I was in the early days of the hop and still have some fabric left to make more projects. I’m re-newing my kitchen in a coffee theme so I’d love to have more of this fabric…..Red Rover, Red Rover…you know the rest!
    Here’s wishing you a less hectic week and more fabric for me!!
    xx, Carol

  8. Love the hot pads, and it’s nice to see that things don’t go perfectly for people other than myself lol. Oven mitts would be a good next project I think.

  9. I vote for the tea towels….always sweet!

  10. Very fun potholder designs! Nice way to show how one can enjoy sewing and gifting on a budget. A kitchen towel would be a fun addition.

  11. I think if we had a blog hop of everyone’s not-so-perfect projects we’d have many, many people wanting in. LOL I know I have lots of those kind of whoops projects! As for your 80 hour weeks, I’m surprised you managed to get the time to sew these sweet potholders…cute! Tea towels to go with them would be great.

  12. Oh, I responded last night, but don’t see it…Your hot pads are so LOVELY…the way you pieced it…you made it look so easy…I just LOVED them and know she will too!!!! GREAT JOB!!!

  13. Great hot pads!! Your daughter is very lucky to have a creative mum like you!! Doesn’t she need some tea towels to match??

  14. Because of your time constraints you should make something small or it’ll never get done! How about a table runner or placemats or a tablemat/trivet?

  15. I like tea towels with attitude, lol. Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  16. Tea towels would be quick and easy although a tea cozy would be great in this fabric.

  17. We all have so many of those mishaps, I think it’s part of the craft. Fun hot pads, that fabric combination looks great!!


  18. Ha!! We called them Hot Pads as well!!!! But back then our Hot Pads weren’t as cute as they are now. Your little hot pads are simply adorable. I like your way of making the coffee cup pattern.
    Gmama jane

  19. Your hot pads are great! Well done!

  20. Beth
    Great coasters, love the idea of cutting them like this! I know how it is when time is running wild, but you did a good Job!

  21. In light of your long hours, I think you need a little nap pillow and the little covers for your eyes to block out the light.! 🙂 I like how you did your hot pads. Very creative and fun. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Cute hot pads … they’ll be a great addition to your daughter’s kitchen. A table mat or runner would be a great addition to match the hot pads.

  23. Your hot pads are adorable, and I think that a tea cozy would compliment them. Thanks!

  24. Love your potholders! I think you should make a small wall hanging that can double as a table topper.

  25. Love your hot pads (we called them the same thing) and your free-hand pieced cup. If Mr. Random chooses me, draw again — you don’t want to pay overseas postage/

  26. Adorable! Your daughter is probably smiling right now. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  27. Your hot pads are great! A table runner would be so nice out of the remaining fabric!

  28. I love it! How on earth do you just stitch and cut and come up with such a fun coffee cup!!! Love love love your hot pads!

  29. Adorable!! Your daughter will really enjoy them, I’m sure!

  30. Thanks for the making time to create these awesome hot pads They are darling, and who doesn’t need hot pads? I think mug rugs or cup sleeves would be great with those fabrics. They don’t take much time and you’ll feel good about being creative. That’s what I like to do when I’m stressed for time. Make small projects that make me feel productive and allow me to fondle fabric. Take a deep breath, grab a cut of coffee and take on the day. 🙂

  31. Yep, hot pads; that’s what we called them, too. 🙂 Great idea for using that lovely fabric. Making a goof-up keeps it real and makes us humble.

  32. Your hot pads turned out great. I hate when I get stuff stuck on the underside of the quilt…at least you can manage releasing them! You could also make mug rugs!

  33. These hot pads are sew sweet. Thank you for showing your creative process. I am having a cup of coffee and catching up on the hop today and I am sew happy that I did. Thank you for sharing … 🙂 Pat

  34. I think quilting in “lost pieces” is a kind of initiation right…we all have to take our turn sometime! Making kitchen towels next would be a nice compliment to the hot pads.

  35. I love you hot pads. The giant cup is just perfect. Your daughter will love them.

  36. I really was thinking hot pads would be perfect in this fabric. You proved me right, Beth. Very cute.

  37. Kitchen towels. Cute designs. I like it, especially to see someone who is as much of a klutz as I am.

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