Marching in Under the Wire!

Whew! What a busy month and boy, do I ever love being part of a Lovely Year of Finishes! If I wasn’t, there is no way I’d have gotten this project done this month. Why was I so busy? Well, I was gone for 10 days, sick until about the 19th and just plain busy the rest of the time! I did manage to finish this little charity quilt, though, and I’ll post more about it on  Thursday.


I also made a few four-patches (116 to be exact!)


I love how the high chair tray doubles as a sewing tray!

Well, the kids and I are sitting here listening to Oregon pour down rain (it’s been a variety pack of weather today) and I caught one moment of calm to post this and link it up to A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Hop on over and see what everyone else got done!  Oh, and I’ll post my four patches over on Prairie Moon for the 350 block  project.

Now that I’m feeling better and this project is done…it’s time to think about goal setting for April!

Happy Quilting,


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