“The Bracelet” Evokes Gothic Romance


Celia Browning has it all. She’s a wealthy, beautiful Savannah-ite with a handsome beau and lovely prospects and a family secret that may threaten to cost her everything…including her life. A series of threatening letters begin to arrive and a scandal-hunting newspaperman threatens to divulge details that will derail Celia’s happiness and possible destroy her family.

I’m going to be quite frank here. I enjoyed this book but wasn’t that impressed by it. There’s a lot of melodrama and a few cases where you just had to wonder how much research was done into the customs of the times. Personally, I thought the writing was well-done and would be interested to read something by this author in another genre. While part of the story was inspired by actual events in Savannah, the fictionalized account requires quite a few leaps of intellectual faith. However, if you want a light read with a nice mystery and a light romance, you could definitely do worse. So, while it doesn’t make my “must read” book, it’s not bad and pretty enjoyable.

This book was provided to me by the publisher. The opinions, however, are my own!

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