March Goal Setting (and a near miss)

It’s March!  Yesterday, the first, was what we call “rabbit, rabbit” day.  There’s an old, British superstition that saying “rabbit, rabbit” first thing on the first day of the new month is supposed to bring good luck.  I think it’s a fun game and it always makes me smile thinking of the lovely lady who taught me about it.

So, new month, new goals.  My goal for this month is to quilt this lovely.  I’ve had a request for some charity quilts and the Heartstring Project was kind enough to share some blocks.  My cousin put them together and my youngest daughter and I will be quilting and binding them.  (I’m going to do a whole post about this later this week…stay tuned.)


There’s another project that needs doing that is to do something with this lovely pile of inspiration I picked up at guild.


I made a start this evening by pressing and cutting into 2″ and 3.5″ strips.  I’m envisioning another Sawtooth variation but in a 3×3 set to go as a lap robe.  (I did the same thing as a baby quilt earlier this year.)
Today, I had an unexpected block of time to my “own self” and after going to get a routine blood draw which led to being in a lock-down situation (everyone was ok…it was a “better safe than sorry” thing), I took a side trip to my favorite thrift store where I found these lovely pillow cases in a Moda print.  I apologize in advance if the maker ever reads this but I removed the stitching and wound up with about 2.5 yards of fabric for $3.  I do love a pretty fabric bargain!
The near miss today wasn’t the lock down, it was my batting!  I used a lovely gift from one of my daycare families to help buy a new roll of batting.  I finally got around to using it only to find that it is the wrong kind!  I almost always use Hobb’s Heirloom (no advertising here, just my preference) and this was Hobb’s Polydown.  Luckily, the ladies at Fabric Depot have no problem exchanging it even though I bought it months ago.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to pick the roll up until Wednesday morning so my basting plans for today were a bust.  I was, however, so thankful that I was busy admiring the clean, lovely look of the sealed roll that I noticed the label before I tore the roll open!

Today was the first day I felt well enough to work out despite a little lingering cough.  This is the time of year when Winnie (the cat) and I both struggle with our allergies so it’s hard to decide if it’s the allergies or the cold.  This is also the time of year when Winnie gets her long-acting steroid shot for her asthma.  Thank goodness the shots work for her because the next step is an inhaler…and this is the shy cat we can’t even pick up.  Can you imagine trying to mask her and get an inhaler in her twice a day? Me neither.

Well, tomorrow is a baby day although my sweet little friend is now a busy toddler, she’ll always be a baby to us.  That means a 5 am wake up so I’m linking this up to A Lovely Year of Finishes and then going to bed!

Happy quilting!


2 responses to “March Goal Setting (and a near miss)

  1. Yellow and blue is a happy fabric combination, enjoy your March goal!

  2. What a nice combination of fabrics. Awesome

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