“We Support You” Blog Hop and a Giveaway!

I love, love, love the heart of Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt!  She created a lovely applique pattern to help show our support for members of our community who may be facing one of life’s biggest challenges.  Now, personally, I had an aunt who faced not one but two bouts of breast cancer in the late 60’s and  early 70’s.  Later, the cancer went on a wander around and turned up on her spinal column.  Through it all, she was the most kind and lovely person you would ever want to meet!  So, this quilt is dedicated to my Aunt June, a many decades survivor of breast cancer and a generally wonder example of grace under pressure as well as to a couple of dear friends who are survivors.

Now, before I show it to you, a word about the pattern.  Madam Samm’s pattern is available for purchase for $ 12.00 by emailing Madame Samm directly at:
madamesamm@me.com (and it’s much more elegant than my project!)

However, sometimes a pattern is not so much a pattern as an inspiration and I hope she’s not too disappointed with where I went with her inspiration.  You see, every time I looked at the pattern, my mind kept superimposing piecing for embroidery and applique.  So, here’s my “homage” to Madam Samm’s pattern with all free-hand piecing (except for the border and paper-pieced ribbon.)

Who knew my car made a good quilt rack?  Kudos to my youngest for the photo!

Who knew my car made a good quilt rack? Kudos to my youngest for the photo!

Honestly, free piecing the bra was pretty fun and I’m excited with how it turned out.  I have no idea where this one will end up.  I was thinking of offering it to the mammography clinic in my women’s health group.  One of the OB docs is a quilter and has filled the clinic and lobby with quilts which gives it a wonderfully warm feel but the mammography area could use a little cheer.  So, there’s my entry…I’ve wandered a bit far afield but I’ve enjoyed the journey and hope you like the outcome!  My heartfelt thanks to Madam Samm and  to Pat at Life in the Scrap Patch for putting this all together and for their wonderful, caring hearts!

To see what the pattern really looks like, please hop on over to these talented quilters

Feb  4th 

Kris Loves Fabric

Words & Stitches You’re Here!

Jane’s Quilting

Tea Time Creations

Now, I like to do a little giveaway with my blog hops, just to give a little something back and so I’m giving away a trio of fat quarters…but there’s a catch.  You’ll have to tell me what color you’d like if you win, because I haven’t even shopped for them yet!  So, tell me in the comments what color you’d like and, yes, I will ship internationally!  I’ll have Mr. Random draw a comment number when the hop is done.

Happy quilting and, for those of you in the fight right now, stay strong…all playing aside, we really do support you!


63 responses to ““We Support You” Blog Hop and a Giveaway!

  1. Reds! I am gathering a collection of reds to do a red and white quilt :)Thank you so much for the opportunity to win some!

  2. What an AWESOME Quilt!! & your donating it to the mammography clinic is Wonderful!! They will love it…and am sure will be a comfort to those going there too. Lots of Blessings over you!
    I would love Browns or Greens…am gathering for a Quilt, for our Son’s new Home! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!!

  3. Grays would be my color of choice. Love your quilt and I think it is a great idea to donate it.

  4. Love some blues

  5. Your quilt is lovely! What a generous giveaway. I love any and all colors. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great job on your quilt. Love it. Hot pink is such a great color. One of my favorites.

  7. Your quilt is fantastic! and the free reign we have is what makes these hops super! I would choose red and black as my color options should you draw my name. 🙂

  8. Your quilt looks great – love how you have taken inspiration from the pattern and made it your own – super idea to donate it to the clinic too.

  9. Beth, it is beautiful. I love the bra. Sometimes inspiration has a mind of its own, and you just have to follow through with it. It turned out just perfect. How much fun to go shopping for someone else. I choose aqua. My fav. Thanks for sharing your quilt.

  10. Beth…your quilt is lovely and will be greatly appreciate by anyone who receives it. Love the pinks! Thanks for sharing your support.!! If I am the lucky winner…cream background would be great for embroidery blocks, thanks for the chance! Happy stitching, Pauline

  11. Beautiful..I love how your made it. I think it would be wonderful to donate a quilt to the Mammographic clinic. What better way to show your support.

  12. A smashing quilt, it will be a great support and it deserves to be seen by many every day!
    Blue is my favorite color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I love your quilt! It just goes to show that we all have our own way of working with patterns. Yours is amazing! I loved your idea for giving it away. Can you imagine the faces of the women facing that dreaded machine? They will all be smiling from now on!

  14. It turned out lovely. A great idea to hang it in the mammography clinic. It would really cheer things up.

  15. Your quilt is great; I think your trip “afield” was very successful! Red is a color I seem to use a lot; thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway.

  16. Oh I love your quilt it is perfect for giving a little cheer…Pink would be my choice and thanks for sharing with us.

  17. Love your quilt. Love the contrast between the light and dark fabrics used. My favorite color is oink. I am a 1 year Breast cancer survivor. I am finally through with al my reconstruction and trying to get back to my life. I love seeing how much hard work and thought everyone has put into this hop with all their beautiful projects. conn_and_vans_mom@yahoo.com

  18. Lovely quilt!!! I choose yellows, please. Thank you

  19. Fabulous! Love your version!!

  20. Orange! I’m into orange and gray this year 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway. Your quilt is great, I’m sure they’ll love it at the clinic.

  21. Sweet pink quilt…love the border! I’m sure it would be a great comfort to someone in need.

  22. Beth you inspire me…this is wonderful and you would never have any idea how large it is had it not been for the photo RACK….lovely indeed..

  23. you so inspire me….this is lovely and so large of a project…delightful to a t…your photo priceless

  24. Beautiful quilt, great idea!

  25. The quilt is just perfect – I love the way it turned out! And what a cute idea to photo it on the car; we could see every detail! blessings, marlene

  26. Definitely cheery yellow! The quilt turned out beautifully! I think it would be a fabulous addition to the clinic. Great idea.

  27. So clever. I’m loving it.

  28. Love the quilt! My friend is going through this right now. Love the inspiration. Imy favorite colors are pink and green. But since I have all boys in my family Red Black and White always finds a home.

  29. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    I smiled when you said your clinic had quilts sprinkled around their decor because mine does too! What a wonderful surprise it was the first time I went there. Made me want to wander the halls…as for color choices, I yearn for spring because I seem to always be cold now. yessewingisfun@yahoo.com

  30. Oh, Beth! I love your idea of donating your lovely quilt to the mammography clinic! Great job!

  31. I absolutely love this quilt. Any cancer center would love to have it.
    Bright colors are the way to go. They help liven up the world.

  32. What a thoughtful and generous giveaway! Thanks!

  33. I think the quilte will be wonderful hanging at the hospital to show support. I love all colors, but if I had to pick it would be blues.

  34. I love where your inspiration took you. The pink stands out so well with the black, it would be quite a cheerful and positive quilt to have in a mammography clinic. What a sweet idea!

  35. Now that is just the greatest, and the idea of putting it in a clinic for all to enjoy is even better! Love your props…now that’s a great idea!

  36. Lovely quilt, Beth! It would look wonderful on the wall of a mammogram screening or OB/GYN clinic. As piecing is my usual method of choice I really like the way you free pieced the pattern and letters. The pink ribbon is a great touch. Thank you for sewing your support today with your beautiful inspiration!
    Honestly, I am in need of a few more pink fat quarters. It has been a very “pink” year all around and my stash is getting low … thanks for the chance to restock … 🙂 Pat

  37. Your project turned out great! I think it would look wonderful in a mammography clinic. Thanks for the chance to win – I think pink would be perfect!

  38. I too thing your quilt turned out well, and the donation to the donation to the mammography clinic is a generous giving thought.

  39. Nice quilt. Love the idea of it in the Dr. office. Hats off to you, not sure I could piece my way out of a paper bag….. I so admire your skill.

  40. Your quilt is wonderful and I adore your pieced Support bra. Your thought of donating it to the Mammography space is very heartwarming. Thank you sew very much for Supporting and sharing in this hop.

  41. What a wonderful quilt. It is sure to bring smiles when visiting the office. Sweet idea to donate it. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I think I will pick something wild and bright. Purple and Orange 🙂

  42. Your quilt is awesome!. I will be sure to check out the other blogs. I am really loving turquoise lately.

  43. That quilt is amazing! I love purple 🙂

  44. What a great quilt you made. Congrats on a job well done. If I won, I would love pinks/purples. Thanks for the chance!

  45. What a wonderful quilt. It will be so pretty on the wall of a mammo room. And anything providing beauty there is lovely. Love that you have dedicated he quilt to your aunt. Aren’t these ladies with so many years surival priceless?

  46. Great quilt! I would love to win some pink and purple fabrics to make a baby quilt for my granddaughter to be.

  47. I love your quilt and that you may donate it to the mammography clinic to add cheer. What a gift! I love your dedication to your aunt and other survivors. I’d love red/white fabrics to add to my red/white bra quilt that I’m making. You are very generous with your giveaway. Thank you for sharing your aunt’s story and the process of your quilt.

  48. Red would be my color. Love your projects.

  49. Great choice of grey with the pink. You did a great job of piecing the lettering. It’s amazing how each participant interpreted the project. Yours is lovely.

  50. Beth, it turned out great. Oh, I like red too.

  51. Very inspiring.

  52. This is wonderful and I’m sure Mdm Samm is pleased with your creation, as are the rest of us. Patterns are simply suggestions, right? hahaha
    The car makes a great quilt rack and allows us to see it’s size, so you actually have inspired me to think outside the box when it comes to photos. Thanks for sharing your quilt with us! Oh, and my favorite color today is blue. 🙂

  53. Love how you made your quilt your own creation! Love the color red. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Lovely quilt, I’m intrigued by free hand piecing. I like your pieced border and the color pink. I love teal.

  55. I love the idea of having it be on display in the mam area; I’d love to see it each year when I get my mam. It’s really wonderful and I like that you used your creative talents to make it your own. Support the cause and the girls!

  56. I think your take on the pattern is just great and agree that it would be wonderful hanging where all can see and enjoy it.

  57. Absolutely gorgeous. Would be a wonderful addition to the clinic. I am sure it would bring a smile to the patients who are there. FQ colors? Rusts or greys. Have very little of those. Thank you for sharing your lovely project.

  58. A very creative take on the quilt. That’s why I love to quilt so I can do my own thing. I think it would be a great addition to the clinic.

  59. Fabulous Beth!
    I would choose red!

  60. What a fun take on the pattern. I think February is Red month. Great quilt!!

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