“Love Without End” is a Solid, Satisfying Romance

51va5+qEE9LKimberly Welch lost her husband to a sudden heart attack. In the aftermath, she lost everything else when the secrets of her husband’s finances were revealed. Now, she and her daughter are living with her old friend in the small town of Kings Meadow and her once delightful daughter is becoming a sullen teen.
Chet Leonard’s wife left him with two sons and a ranch to run after their oldest son died in an accident. He’s still stinging from the double loss but that doesn’t keep him from agreeing to help when someone offers to give Kimberly’s teen a horse of her own. Now that Nana Anna has returned to Kings Meadow to bring some feminine wisdom back to his home and a grandmother to his sons will Chet find by her example that love can come at the most unexpected times?
Robin Lee Hatcher delivers a solid, warm and loving romance that reminds readers that life can go badly awry and still come out with a satisfying conclusion. If you love a good romance with realistic characters (including sometimes grumpy teens) go ahead and grab a copy of “Love Without End.” It may not be life-changing “Literature” but it’s a nice, heartwarming read.
This book was provided for my by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

One response to ““Love Without End” is a Solid, Satisfying Romance

  1. I am going to order this book from our library and suggest we purchase it if we don’t own it.. I have several customers in our service at the library that would enjoy this.

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