Happy New Year – Goals and Thoughts

Happy New Year! I love New Year’s just like I secretly love Mondays…a fresh list and lots of optimism that I can actually get everything done! I’m a chronic over-goaler and combined with optimism that can get, well, a tad chaotic.
So, what’s on my list this year. I’ve decided that this is the year to clean up some of my messes both personal, financial, physical and sewing related. Some of my areas are out of control and my goal is to work towards a goal in each area daily.
So, to that end, I’m joining in the following…
Prairie Moon quilts is hosting a weekly sewing organization challenge along with the 350 block challenge…you can read more here http://prairiemoonquilts.com/?page_id=3468.
Fiber of All Sorts and Sew Bittersweet are hosting A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015 and I’m joining in. My first project is this…


A set of scraps I picked up at guild from the inspiration box to make a baby quilt for our charity group.  I’m planning to cut the pieces into 2″ strips and 3.5″ strips and see what I end up with.  I’m leaning towards a Jacob’s Ladder but will see what happens.

Also, just for fun, I’m joining Jennifer at Sewhooked.com in the Harry Potter Project of Doom Quilt Along.  I’m eight blocks into this project and could really use the incentive to keep up.

I’ve also joined in the


from Quiet Play.  Now, I have a tiny jump on this one as I got to pattern test the Flamingo and, because it’s the first block, I can show it now!


I may consider doing two of each animal so as to make a bigger quilt but time will tell.  I quite love the patterns from Quiet Play.  They are consistently accurate and go together quite nicely.

As to my other goals, I shall share more about them later.  This post has gotten longer than I thought it would be and so I’ll give you them in a nutshell..

1.  Weight…not much to say on that except that I have too much and am looking to offload about 50 pounds this year. As that is only a pound a week, it’s totally do-able.

2.  Cleaning…much of my house needs a thorough de-clutter and a steadier diet of cleaning tasks.  I am committing to starting Flylady’s babysteps and, yes, my sink is shined!

3.  Finances…I need to find a way to tip the balances back in our favor this year so the theme is budget, budget, budget!

4.  Sewing…It’s time to take a “use it up” approach to my scraps and fat quarters and yardage, etc.  With this in mind, my first attack is the scraps.  I’m planning to spend 15 minutes each day cutting them into usable shapes and sizes and then another 15 minutes a day sewing blocks from them.  I love my scraps and it’s time to let them see the light of day!

5.  The guilt list…I have several projects that I’ve put off for so long that they’ve become guilt inducers.  I’m going to start with one and work my way through them this year.

So those are my thoughts for the year…what are your goals?

I’m linking this up to Fiber of All Sorts and Quiet Play.  Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!

4 responses to “Happy New Year – Goals and Thoughts

  1. Love your flamingo!!! She(he?) looks fabulous in that fabric – I think I really want to join in this one!!! My goal for this year is to settle into a slightly new phase of life (my last two children are starting school at the end of January), with some balance – not doing or trying to do too much – being over ambitious, but also not being really slack and doing nothing much! Have a great 2015!

  2. I love your flamingo (that pink is divine!) and I love your list of goals. Many of mine reflect yours; here’s to us both being successful in 2015!

  3. A lot of great goals. I need to lose about 15 lbs myself, I think I shall commit to 15-20 minutes on the treadmill before sewing.

  4. Love your flamingo and your to do list!

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