Christmas by a Very Thin Thread…aka Where Have I Been?

Ok, first, let me wish you all a wonderful belated Christmas an a very Happy New Year! Second, let me give you a peek into my schedule these last weeks. I’ve had daycare kids from 6:30 am or 8:00 am until 5:30 and then I’ve worked at the candy store in the evenings and the weekends. I’ve had two whole days off from both jobs since the day after Thanksgiving and one of those was the pinning ceremony (nursing school graduation) of my oldest daughter and the other was chaperoning a parade with the band. To put it mildly, I’ve been busy!  (Oh, and I had oral surgery on the 22nd…just to add to the craziness!) My sum total of sewing was making two hashtag blocks for Molli Sparkles to add to the Sydney Heroes Quilt Project and Christmas would have been nearly non-existent in our house had not my daughters pitched in so much!

Now, lest you think I’ve reverted to whining, let me assure you that I know I’ve already won life’s lottery.  I have a nice husband who indulges me in my fabric pursuits, two wonderful, healthy and fun daughters and a lovely step-daughter.  And while our finances are a bit skimpy at times, they are more than adequate.  In every way that matters, I am wealthy beyond words…except for the one commodity that we all seem chronically short of…time.  Now, however, I have a blissful week off from both jobs and my niece is in town and I’m a very happy camper! (Also, I got my six stitches out of my mouth this morning as an added bonus.)

So, what to do with all this glorious time at my discretion?  Well, sewing is the obvious answer but before that, there was a lot to be done in the cleaning department.  Here are a few before shots of my third floor room.


Lots to do!  So, yesterday, I conscripted my younger daughter and my obliging husband to do a bit of furniture moving.  The big pieces are all moved and now the sewing area is ready to be tackled which is a “me only” kind of job (lest an over-zealous helper should try to pitch any scraps…”gasp, horrors!”)

Here’s the progress so far on the desk and TV areas. The exercise machine is out of the way of the TV viewing area and the big table for the “hand-me-down Handi-Quilter” is now behind the futon.


My plan for this evening is to do a flylady-inspired 15-minute clean followed by 15 minutes of quilting, rinse and repeat until tidy…or at least live-able!  Now, there’s a whole list of things I want to tell/show/discuss with you all including an amazing painting my step-daughter did but all that will have to wait just a tad.  In the meantime, I owe someone a winning comment and that would be comment number 62!  I will be contacting them immediately to get a physical address to send the fabric to…just in time for next year’s Christmas projects!


That’s all for me for the moment but be ready for lots of posts…I want to show my progress on the sewing area (you are keeping me honest) and I have a few stories…lots of stories…lol!

Happy quilting!




2 responses to “Christmas by a Very Thin Thread…aka Where Have I Been?

  1. I love how cats can sit so stylish everywhere. 🙂
    Greetings and all the best for you and your family for the next year! Rike

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Great idea about a little cleaning, a little sewing. I wish you a Happy New Year. I think I will do a little cleaning and sewing starting tomorrow.

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