Slow but Sure…Mystery Quilt Progress

So, if you haven’t heard (which means you’ve been without internet for a long time or you’ve never heard of Bonnie Hunter), the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt is up and running. Now, this is something Bonnie generously does every year and I’m not going to break her “no whining” rule. Let me just say that the mystery falls into my two jobs busy season so I’m going to content myself with small progress and hope to finish a few blocks for each clue.

So, for this week, I have this to show for my progress….

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

A little progress is better than none, right?  I’m sort of following Bonnie’s colors but, for now, I’ve just pulled four colors and will add more as I go along.  Everything is out of my stash and that’s how I’m hoping to keep it!

Tonight we are celebrating DH’s birthday so I’ll just link this up to Bonnie’s Link Up and get cooking (literally and quiltingly!)

Happy quilting!


2 responses to “Slow but Sure…Mystery Quilt Progress

  1. Good for you, it’s all about having fun and not stressing at this time of year! Enjoy your supper!

  2. LOL I am right there with you. I decided to forgo the link. I have one unit done though! One is better than none.

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