Twas the Night Before…and a Giveaway!

If you don’t know Madam Samm of Sew We Quilt, she’s one of the most creative and encouraging ladies I’ve met in the blogging community. So, when she proposed a Secret Santa sort of blog hop, I signed right up! Knowing that Marlene  of Stitching by the Lake was cheering us all on made it even more fun. Then, of course, I had to battle my fear of rejection and my inclination towards procrastination. What if my partner didn’t like what I made? What if I epically failed? What if I didn’t like what I got? Well, as usual, all my worrying was pointless! My recipient loved her gift and I got this adorable set in the mail along with the gorgeous, handmade card and fabric!

Look at these adorable faces!

Look at these adorable faces!

Everything was so adorable, I had to do close-ups!  I can’t wait to put these out for Christmas but the penguin may have to stay out all year…pink being my very favorite!  So a huge thank you to Mandy for such a fun gift!




Here’s the rest of today’s list of hoppers, be sure to check them all out. What I made is being shown over on Apple Avenue Quilts.

Thursday, Nov. 13

Words and Stitches – that’s me!


Now, as usual, I have a little giveaway for my commenters and this time my younger daughter did all the work from choosing the fat quarters to photographing them with her cat, Jack. Jack, as you can tell, is a real character.



I always say he’s a dog in a cat suit! So, leave a comment about your favorite homemade holiday gift to make and give (this is cheating on my part….I need ideas!) or any other comment and you’ll be entered to win these three fat quarters.  Oh, and I took some photos while I was making my items so I’ll try to post a tutorial for my coaster set later in the week.

Thanks for hopping by and have fun!

88 responses to “Twas the Night Before…and a Giveaway!

  1. This year I am giving 4 quilts and 32 microwave bowl potholders! May even get time to make microwave plate potholders!

  2. I am making a lap quilt and also making pillow cases for gifts. Little ones love Christmas pillowcases made out of flannel. I also give cup koozies for last minute gifts.

  3. i love to make scarves. this year i want to make pot holders for a few people.

  4. Sweet little table toppers….yea for the penguin, you can leave it out all winter. I love anything handmade but I really love to make tea towels and gift them. I gave some to my friend and she warned her husband and son…”do not use these to dry the dishes…they are just to look at” she cracked me up!! Happy Holidays!!

  5. How cute is that Santa and penguin. I love your model, Jack. I like to make special decorations as gifts.

  6. I have been working on mug rugs and pillowcases, both stitch up fast!
    Judy B.

  7. A set of place mats is a good gift. Jack looks cute modeling the fat quarters!

  8. Your Gift is so pretty, I agree leave out our favorites all year long!! I Love to crochet gifts but this year I am in Love Sewing them!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  9. Love Santa and his sidekick Mr Penguin – so cute! Jack is a cat in a million -super star material.

  10. Aw, those are so cute! Such a fun gift idea.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I haven’t made gifts for quite a while, but I love it when someone makes me something. I think my most recent gift was an apron my mom made me. Love it!

  12. Those faces are really adorable…lovin’ that penguin! I have a cat/dog too…always have to check my feet when I’m in the kitchen…he likes to lie there, oh and he comes when called too. Crazy! I’m still up in the air for gifts; but I have some ideas for mug rugs, book covers, this hop has been amazing for ideas…keep-em-comin’!

  13. Nice job by Mandy. Love those faces! I saw what you made over at Apple Avenue. Very cute stuff. I like to do fancy dish towels by dressing up plain white ones with fabric ruffles.

  14. Very cute indeed….I might have to decide to keep both out all year round. My go to gift is pillowcases this way I can match up the fabrics with the person I am giving them too or if it is a child their favorite character. Have a great day.

  15. Hi Beth…Mandy made you lovely cards….I guess we will see your gift idea on the next persons blog..? lol there are many ideas for you to be inspired…so take a peak later on our pinterest board..that will help

  16. Those mini quilts are so adorable! I think ornaments and pillows are the perfect gifts to make.

  17. Those mini’s ARE adorable!! Great gift. I love making bags 😉

  18. Great gifts from Mandy…. yeah, those faces are adorable. Thanks to you and Jack for the giveaway. My quickest gift is to make coasters.

  19. Your mini’s are so sweet! This hop is so fun… we all love surprises.. I think I shall be making some pillowcases for my grandchildren. My grandson thinks I hung the moon when I give him something handmade so I can envision him wanting to only sleep on the pillowcases I give him. lol

  20. This year I have made everyone PJ’s.

  21. Oh yes ! your minis are adorable !! I will be making things for my grandkido’s !

  22. love your gifts, very cute. For gift giving I like to make sofa size quilts or on the small size rice bags and bowl buddies.

  23. Since there are so many grandchildren and great grandchildren in our family, I usually take requests from those in college, to do fleece rag quilts in school colors for their dorms, the married grandkids get table runners for the holidays, and for the little ones, I make twirly nightgowns in their favorite colors. I also make table toppers, pot holders, oven mitts and holiday door or wall hangings. It keeps me busy a good part of the year, but keeps me out of trouble. LOL

  24. I love your little quilties. Your so right about their adorable faces. I think my favorite thing to give is quilts at the holidays. I love planning our the perfect quilt for a person.

  25. Sweet little gifts your received and an adorable card! I’m busy making Christmas pajamas for four little boys.

  26. I love making Christmas stuff

  27. Cute cards and that kitty is a sweetie 🙂

  28. I love to make containers…gift bags, shopping bags, organizer bags and boxes, hand bags, card holders, etc, etc. Nice cards you received! Was hoping your giveaway included the kitty..sigh…but I would be happy to settle for the fat quarters.

  29. Those are the cutest faces ever! What a wonderful gift…and adorable cat. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  30. Lucky you got a great gift! These gifties are what make the season bright!!

  31. I do not have too much time this year for the handmade gifts (because of my 8-month-old son) but I planned some Christmas ornaments and table toppers. These are the easiests for me now.

  32. Your gifts are very cute. There have been so many ideas, so far, on this hop/swap with more to come. I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of inspiration!

  33. What lovely little minis you received. Will bring a smile to everyone who sees them. A favorite quick gift of mine is fingerless gloves. I crochet them by the dozens. All the girls love them…some guys too! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your holidays.

  34. Those are adorable. I like the faces on them.

  35. Best good morning wishes to you! Your kitty is adorable and thank you for sharing your treats with us! As for last minute gift ideas … I like to bake … cookies, breads, treats … so far haven’t had many complaints there 🙂 I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

  36. I enjoy doing mini quilts and bags for gifts. Your Santa and penguin look so cute. I can see leaving the penguin out past Christmas! We used to have a cat that looked exactly like Jack. Ours was called Salt.

  37. This is such a fun hop! I like to make and give flannel rag quilts – lap size – as Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  38. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    Every year I try to come up with a different type of gift and this year I went to a craft show and saw this idea: Get a yardstick from a home improvement store (they are stronger than the ones from fabric store) cut batting 48″ x6″ and another piece 24″ x 4″. Center the shorter piece on top of the long one raw edges together at one short end. Stitch a decorative stitch down the center. Now fold the long piece in half the short way so it’s 24″x 6 with a fold at the bottom. Draw (or eyeball) a line down the center and sew 1″ on either side of that line to form a pocket to slide the yardstick into. Cut the flappy parts every 1/2″ or so if desired. Done! Use to dust in tight places like under the fridge, between appliances, behind the washer/dryer. Batting can be removed and washed to use again. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Adorable little mats!!
    Jack Jack looks so much like my Sugarplum even down to the spots on his back!
    Little bags are always a useable gift along with pin cushions. Both are fast and easy.

  40. Those are really great gifts you got. I am making lots of shirt aprons from my dads shirts to give away this year. Seems like I’m always making aprons each year.

  41. Your mug rugs are so cute. At least I think that is what they are. It seem that cats go with quilting. My house too.

  42. The table toppers are so cute! I do love your daughter’s cat and noticed the Hollyhill name on those fat quarters (was just there this past weekend). 🙂

  43. You were a lucky recipient with those cute mug rugs/table toppers not sure of the size. I am making bags and tissue covers to begin with.
    Merry Christmas!!
    Gmama Jane

  44. Love your portraits! That is such a wonderful gift. So festive and cute. Can’t wait to see what you gave as I hop on, but before I go, Merry Christmas! I too am on the look out for ideas. So glad this hop came just in time. ~Cori

  45. You received great gifts. They are so cute! And what you sent was perfect too!

  46. Love those cute mini’s. I like to make zipper pouches and bags. Embroidered fleece blankets are always fun and so are pot holders

  47. Oh so cute! I like to make candle mats and wrap them up with a candle for gift giving. Thank you for the giveaway.

  48. Well my plan was to give away 3 quilts. Got the tops done sooo not sure if that will work. Am making these adorable vintage aprons from Sew4Home, dressed up tea towels and advent calendars. May need to make some stockings too. I am so loving this HOP

  49. Those mini quilts are just so sweet! Fav to make is zipped bags

  50. Gorgeous Beth – I especially love the penguin!
    I’m making aprons this Christmas!

  51. Quilt, stockings, cookies, brownies are some suggestions.

  52. What adorable pot holders and sweet handmade card from Mandy.
    My favorite homemade gift to give is a plate of treats – cookies, caramels and peanut brittle. This year I’ll add a little pincushion for quilty friends.

  53. I’m a big fan of Sweetwater fabric and their 12 Days of Christmas ideas.Thanks for sharing.

  54. Aw, your daughter did a great job of working with Jack, and she picked out some GREAT fabric! I mentioned in my post today that my favorite last minute gift to make and give is candy, but I’m starting to enjoy the hotpads too, if I’m feeling the need to give something that will last a little longer. I haven’t made any table toppers yet, but I’m hoping to try some out this next year, I hear they can be fast to make as well. I love your gift bag and coasters you gave Jill, too cute!


  55. I usually make ornaments every year. The very first one was in 1990 and I still do a few for special family and friends. I also sew, knit or crochet gifts. My favorite handmade gift was a barn quilt that my youngest son and his wife made for me last year. It is 4 ft by 4ft plywood and is a purple/lavender/white carpenters star. It hangs on the end of our shop building. Thanks for sharing with us and for the great giveaway.

  56. Sweet little gifts you received. The penguin is my favorite. I still have three aprons to finish up for Christmas. I am off to see what you gifted. Have a joyous Holiday season, Beth!! P.S. Your kitty, Jack Jack, reminds me of one of the cats we have, she is so silly.

  57. I want to make a million more things now that I’ve seen so many cute ideas in this hop! Jack is a regular Vanna White, displaying those fabulous prizes. 🙂

  58. Those faces are absolutely adorable. I agree, they needed closeups! I love making ornaments to give and usually end up making a bunch every year. Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. Such cute mug rugs. Always a fun time during these hops.

  60. I like giving pillowcases or small table toppers! Love the penguin!

  61. What a cute face! Oh … and the Santa and Penguin quilty faces are cute, too … 😉 My favorite gift is anything quilty … I know that is not much help with deciding what to make … but really … any handmade gift is the best. Thanks for sharing in the hop … 🙂 Pat

  62. Pillowcases and zip bans are my favorite quick gifts. Everyone really loves them and I enjoy making them.

  63. What a lovely pair,they are simply adorable! I love to embellish handtowels with fabric ,make matching coasters and hot pads to compliment. Then gift them,they make great lasr minute items.

  64. Fabulous gifts you received and sent. I adore each and every one. Thank you sew very much for participating and swapping hopping. Creative T’Was the Night Bliss…

  65. Beautiful projects and pics!!

    This year I`m going to give a lap quilt to my sister , a wallhanging to my sister in law and pinecones and pouches for my friends.

  66. Absolutely A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!

  67. Lovely gifts that you recived!
    If you want to know which gifts I’ll give away for Christmas,
    please visit my blog on thuesday, then you’ll see ☺

  68. Ohhh these are so adorable. I love the penguin. thanks for sharing.
    For gifts I love to make coasters, tablecloths, table runners, pot holders, etc.

  69. I would keep that penguin out most of the year too. My projects for Christmas this year are not simple. Am making quilts for the 3 kids. Not far to go and they will be finished!!

  70. beautiful job on your projects. I love making Christmas treats and goodies. ornaments are fun to make and giveaway. thanks for the beautiful giveaway you have.

  71. Beautiful job. I love the penguin the best.

  72. The mini quilts are so cute. My granddaughter is into penquins and she’d go crazy over that one, too.

  73. Great gifts you received. Love the penguin. Your gifts are lovely and I will check back for the coaster pattern. Merry Christmas

  74. I like to make a lot of things, from simple seasonal altered mini scrapbooks for out of town visitors, to pencil pouches, Christmas decorations for the kids, kitchen towels, table runners, pot holders, I could go on. Have a Merry Christmas! cdahlgren at live dot com

  75. perfect mini quilts for the holidays! I like to make quilts to give away myself. usually lap sized ones.

  76. You were spoiled very nicely. It is scary creating something homemade for another sewists, but who doesn’t love anything made just for them. I love giving quilts and pillows for presents. All the girls love receiving a new apron. Your gifts of coasters, bag, and notebook were very sweet!

  77. I am making a Christmas quilt for a present

  78. Mandy sent such cute gifts. Can’t wait to see what you did.

  79. One of my favorite gifts to give, that are quick and easy, are things in a jar. I know, it sounds a bit strange, but things like “hot chocolate in a jar” or “cookies in a jar” and things like that can be quick, simple, yet greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas, Beth!

  80. This year I’m making a few items: microwave potato bags, dishtowels, folded fabric Christmas ornaments, and pot holders. Oh yes, I do need to make a few 10 minute table runners for a craftfair for our local Alaskans for Animal Welfare group.

  81. I am making aprons and mug rugs to match for the females on my list.

  82. Your model is great- better watch out all the agencies will be after him!
    I love to make bags for quick gifts

  83. Cute items! I like mug rugs, pot holders, small bags and totes. Most of them work up pretty quickly!

  84. Christmas cookies, the secret family recipes, are always a huge hit.

  85. I have just begun making folded fabric christmas tree ornaments using Christmas fabric as a small quick gift (that looks quite impressive I might add). I also give gifts that are not Christmas related but useful anytime of year, and two of my favourites this year are – a drawstring undies bag for travelling, and a drawstring shoebag for travelling. I have made the bag with bright shade of solid fabric or a tiny print will be fine – a bright colour so that it can be found in a packed suitcase quite quickly – then I appliqued solid black silhouette (found online) of a bustier and underpants for the undies bag; and a black silhouette of a high heel shoe for the shoebag, They look great and since most people travel or have a holiday each year they are much appreciated and very useful – and something different.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  86. This year I’ve bought my niece some dollar store plastic fruit and veg to play with (her Mum’s suggestion!) but I’ve made a simple drawstring bag to keep it all in – they’re great when someone wouldn’t usually ‘want’ a handmade present as they always get reused.

  87. Love the Santa! Your daughter did a great job with the photos!

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