“Prelude for a Lord” is Mid-Range Historical Romance


Lady Alethea Sutherton is casually displaced from her home when the death of her brother, the eighth Earl of Trittonstone, leaves the title and all the property to her cousin. With no other options available, Alethea moves to Bath to live with her Aunt Ebena. Alethea’s eccentric behaviors give her aunt grave concerns. When Baron Dommick comes to Bath, a stranger begins to take an unhealthy interest in Alethea’s violin and their quiet life is disrupted by the arrival of 12 year-old orphaned relative, things begin to heat up. The book races to a dramatic conclusion complete with the love story one would expect.
Honestly, I ran a little hot and cold on this one. The premise was interesting enough for me to keep reading through several times where my historical-accuracy alarm starting ringing. While I wouldn’t give “Prelude for a Lord” strong marks for history, Camille Elliot concocts an entertaining and interesting tale that highlights some of the interesting social conventions of the era. After all, who would have thought that playing the violin would be considered scandalous? If you just like an interesting story and aren’t too fussed about your history, you’ll enjoy “Prelude for a Lord.” The characters make it all worth it.
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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