A Winner and a Bit of This and That


First, a winner!  Comment #51 was Mr. Random’s choice this time.  I’ll be contacting them for an address and sending out some fabric-y fun!  Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and/or commented! Up next is the “Twas the Night” Blog Hop which is something very new for me.  We did a “secret Santa” kind of thing.  I was so thrilled that my partner liked my gifts.  Do you get nervous about whether people will like your handmade gifts?  I do.  I once had the experience of making a quilt for a bride once only to have her say, “Oh, a blanket.  You must have worked so hard.”  All said with a slight sneer.  After that, I vowed never to make quilts or crafts for anyone unless I knew they’d appreciate them.  Luckily for me, I’ve never run out of appreciative people!

And, of course, I love making quilts for charity. (My spell check has a romantic streak…it’s trying to correct that to “lovemaking!”)  I like to think that a little of the love and care in our quilting translates into the object itself bringing comfort a bit beyond what a factory-produced item can.  Last week, I was able to quilt this lap quilt that came from a kit from my guild.


This one is the second of a pair of kits I picked up longer ago than I’d care to admit.  Here’s the other one and a matching doll quilt I made from the scraps.

"Big and Little" - a pair of charity quilts.

“Big and Little” – a pair of charity quilts.

Both the larger quilts were pieced on the treadle.  I definitely need more treadle practice!

“Twas the Night” Blog hop starts tomorrow so check back for a list of tomorrow’s talented people.  In the meantime, look for a flurry of book reviews.  I’ve read some good ones and, for my gluten-free friends, found a nice GF baking book!

Happy quilting!







One response to “A Winner and a Bit of This and That

  1. I like to make little bags for presents

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