Here Kitty, Kitty…A Black Cat Crossing Tale (with giveaway)

Once upon a time, there was a crazy cat lady who quilted….yes, that’s me, five cats in the house and one stray we’re feeding.  Trolling the interwebs, I found an announcement by a wonderful lady named Madam Samm that a very good witch named Wicked Wendy was cheering a blog hop devoted to Black Cats!  Well, what kind of quilting cat lady would I be if I didn’t hop along?

So I shopped and I pieced and I played with a pattern from Jennifer at Sew Hooked.  (I wanted to buy the whole Moda line but I did have to remember the other exciting events of the month…my dear daughter had a birthday yesterday!)   I was all set to take pictures of my finished project when the battery died in my camera.  So,  I settled for night shots with Grumpy Pumpkin.


Scrappy Black Kitties with Grumpy Pumpkin

Scrappy Black Kitties with Grumpy Pumpkin

Here’s a more straight-on shot


Now, I’ve been having a lot of fun at my LQS buying scrap bags so I’m sharing some of my pretties with one winner (there will be a sweet something in the envelope, too.)  Just leave a comment before hopping away and you’ll be entered to win. And, yes, I’ll ship internationally.


Now, hop on over to see these talented people have to brighten your day

Tuesday, October 28

Selina Quilts

Jane’s Quilting

Quilted Delights

Words & Stitches – you are here!

And remember…don’t be a grumpy pumpkin!


95 responses to “Here Kitty, Kitty…A Black Cat Crossing Tale (with giveaway)

  1. beautiful I love the Black Cats
    cooladam1 at live dot com

  2. I love your black cats! Thanks for the link to the pattern, already downloaded it.

  3. Your cats are adorable!! Reminds me of a kitty I had years ago – Trick or Treat!! Yep, got her in October and she certainly was a Trick and a Treat!! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  4. Your scrappy black cats are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your kitty quilt! Thank you for sharing. Judy B.

  6. What a cute pattern and so purrfect for this Hop – well done.

  7. Your cats are adorable! I like how each cat has different colored features (eyes, ears, etc.).

  8. Such sweet kitties…like the pumpkin too!

  9. You picked a great pattern to use with the black cat crossing fabrics. I love the scrappy cats. I’m off to check that pattern out. I really like those faces. I promise not to be a grumpy pumpkin…lol

  10. No grumpy pumpkins here! But you do have a Beautiful piece, Love the Kitty faces!! Sew Cute! Thanks for sharing with us!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  11. Love your kitty quilt! You did such a beautiful job! Thank you so much for the cute pattern. I will definitely give it a try.

  12. A belated happy birthday to your daughter. Hope you had a great day with loads of cake. I love you quilt. Adorable cats, with a hint of creepy. Thank you for sharing!

  13. hello dear,
    i love your lovely finish so much..
    Such sweet kitties… and i like the pumpkin too!
    big hugs and love
    cucki x

  14. Olá! Amei seu quilt, a disposição das cores e a linda cara de gato formada. Feliz Halloween!

  15. Great kitties…love your grumpy pumpkin too!

  16. Love the black cats – thanks for the link!
    I adore the grumpy pumpkin!!

  17. I personally do not like cats but they look awesome on quilts especially yours

  18. No grumpy Pumpkins at MY house ~lol~ Halloween is the best and your kitty quilt is so pretty. FIVE cats in the house…I’d be tripping over them for sure then I’d have to pick them up and hug them.

    Happy Halloween.

  19. Cute pattern & fabric choices. Thanks for sharing.

  20. OHHHHHHH cats x 4 in a very lovely table topper…and even a grumpy pumpkin cannot cast any spelll on any of us except for PURRFECT all those cats under foot…how could you not be so inspired….

  21. Nice job on the scrappy kitties. They are sure to cheer up grumpy pumpkin.

  22. Your Scrappy Black Kitties piece is beautiful, great job!

  23. Love the happy cat faces….this would be so cute with different colored cats too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Very cute pattern- I live the eyes.

  25. fantastic!! and I would love to win that fabric…thanks for the chance

  26. What a cute quilt! Love all those kitty faces. Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

  27. Sweet tabletopper – love those kitties!!

  28. What a delightful little kitty quilt. I think I have downloaded that pattern myself. That a great quiltie it makes!

  29. No grumpy pumpkins here. Thanks for sharing your kitten quilt.

  30. Your cats should make even grumpy pumpkin smile!

  31. Not a grumpy pumpkin, not a grumpy pumpkin, not a grumpy pumpkin.

  32. Your little quilt is beautiful! Great job!!

  33. Love your black cats..

  34. Your black cats look great 🙂

  35. You wall hanging is great and love the carved pumpkin too. Thank you for sharing and the giveaway.

  36. Look at those faces! Just so, so cute! blessings, marlene

  37. It turned out so well! Love the kitties 🙂

  38. Hi!!! I love your kitty quilt!!!!! A little spooky with grumpy pumpkin!!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  39. He should be a happy pumpkin sitting on that lovely black cat quilt.

  40. Those Black Cats ARE THE CAT’S MEOW!!!! I love how you did the eyes and ears!!! This is a FANTASTIC project!!!!!

  41. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    Love your ‘snowball’ kitties!

  42. Very cute, I like the pattern and fabrics you chose. My pumpkins aren’t grumpy, at least I don’t think so, they never got carved! LOL Thanks for sharing with us today.
    (I’ll bet dad did go WHOA! when he saw his daughter. She’s gorgeous.)

  43. That’s a great quilt pattern. I like your colors!

  44. Grumpy pumpkin should be smiling because those are just the cutest cats on your beautiful quilt…love it!

  45. What a sweet kitty!

  46. Love the little pumpkin quilt. Perfect black cat quilt. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

  47. I’ve always had a cat. love there independence, but they can be so affectionate.

  48. ha ha I like your grumpy pumpkin. Cute kitty quilt!

  49. These are nice projects, I love the cats, really nice! and I am really not good at carving pumpkings, maybe I should try it again this year and make it as grumpy as yours LOL

  50. Very cute!! What size is it? I’m not really into decorating for Halloween but I do like your wall hanging.

  51. Such a cute little quilt! Just perfect for Halloween. It should definitely cheer up the grumpy ole pumpkin. Great job!

  52. Sweet little faces. Great quilt. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  53. I love your black cat quilt! Adorable!

  54. Darling black cat quilt! Thanks so much for sharing.

  55. Very cute Black cat quilt! Love seeing them in Halloween fabs.

  56. That is a very adorable cat quilt! I like your grumpy pumpkin 🙂


  57. Cute little quilt! Love the grumpy pumpkin. Thanks for sharing.

  58. I love your scrappy cats! Grumpy pumpkin is pretty cool too.

  59. Super cute cat quilt! Grumpy pumpkin made me smile!!!

  60. The ears tell a story. Not all black cats are created the same. Love your quilt. Cute grumpy pumpkin too.

  61. Your cat is pretty nice.Love your quilt!

  62. Your cat is pretty nice.Love your quilt!!

  63. Hee hee, I like the grumpy pumpkin as well 🙂 Your quilt is really great, definitely suitable for a quilting cat lady! Thank you for sharing!

  64. Those sweet kitties take the grump out of the pumpkin. lol

  65. wonderful quilt.

  66. This is a new pattern never seen before!! Made a lovely table topper!
    Gmama jane

  67. What a Grand Kitty Quilt!! Looove it!! (so would my “Cat Whisperer” Daughter! lol)

  68. Your Scrappy Black Cats quilt is very cute. Grumpy Pumpkin makes me giggle. Thank you sew very much for participating and hopping. Creative Black Cat Crossing Bliss…

  69. Happy Halloween! I’m so enjoying all the spooky projects on this blog hop, and your kitty quilt is just SO cool! Thanks for taking part in the hop and giving us a chance to win a special treat! 🙂

  70. Those are some cool cats. Very pretty!

  71. You did a great job on your kitty quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  72. lovely projects. thanks for the chance to win your fabric giveaway also

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  73. Those kitty blocks are fabulous! Love the ears and the eyes. Very cool!

  74. Very creative, cute kitties!!

  75. Four black kitties is great and you’ll love it year after year. Happy Birthday, daughter and Happy Halloween!

  76. I’m a crazy cat lady, too. Cute project!

  77. No cats for this crazy lady… just quilts! Your wall hanging is very cute!

  78. Your Scrapp Black Cats are cute. Sounds like you’ve had busy month. (Same here, we had 3 birthdays and v an Anniversary.) I am sure those cute cats will cheer you on.

  79. Love your little kittie wall quilt.

  80. Love your black cat quilt. I just added that to my “To Do Someday” list.

  81. This is just adorable! Thanks for sharing your creation with us. 🙂

  82. Your little quilt is very cute.

  83. I love scraps! Most of my quilts have been made useing 1 1/2″, 2″ & 2 1/2″ squares! I liked the use of the sad pumpkin, made me smile.

  84. It turned out adorable but so sorry for the dead camera. I hope it isn’t a permanent problem.

  85. Grumpy Pumpkin is so funny 🙂 Such a cute little quilt. 🙂

  86. Fantastic job and thank you for participating in this year’s hop!!

  87. Love anything with kitties, have two cuties of my own. Thanks for the give away!

  88. Your cat quilt is darling – perfect for a quilting cat lady. I love you grumpy pumpkin!

  89. Such a cute quilt and grumpy pumpkin, too! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  90. Those kitties are adorable!

  91. What a cute kitty quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  92. Yes, you have a grumpy pumpkin, but there is nothing grumpy about your 4 kittie quilt…it is sooo adorable…thanks for sharing…spooktacular!!

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