“The Healing Quilt” is Full of Holes

healing quiltSeriously, I was really prepared to like “The Healing Quilt” by Wanda Brunstetter. An elderly Amish couple take in a group of strangers for a quilting class and, along the way, each member of the class finds help with a struggle in their personal life. What’s not to like? However, after the plot you really need to back a story up with a few minor things like good dialogue and an interesting characters. The characters in Wanda’s book talk like no one you’ve ever met. A verbal exchange between what was supposed to be two longtime motorcycle riders was enough to make me physically cringe. The idea that this couple would take on teaching quilting to a paralyzed girl without thinking about how she would operate a sewing machine (hello, “foot pedal,” anyone?) and other aspects of the book had me forcing myself to finish it just for the sake of the review. Frankly, I’m getting really tired of “Christian Fiction” not living up to its secular counterpart.   Editors, agents and publishers need to be reminded that good fiction is good fiction is good fiction. If people prefer to read books that align with their faith view, they should not be forced to choose between good writing and Christian Fiction.

This book was provided to me by the publishers for this review. The opinion, however, is my own.

One response to ““The Healing Quilt” is Full of Holes

  1. Thank you for your honest review!

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