And Whoosh Go My Weeks!

Sometimes, I feel like a hamster on a wheel…the faster I run, the faster everything goes and I’m still panting to keep up! The last couple of weeks were no exception. I’ll try to stick to the relevant stitching news which is pretty much…I finished this pair of “big and little” charity quilts for my guild. I’m particularly proud of the lap quilt as it was pieced entirely on my 1918 White Rotary treadle machine.

"Big and Little" - a pair of charity quilts.

“Big and Little” – a pair of charity quilts.

This was a kit from the charity arm of my guild and I used the leftovers to make the doll quilt. Our guild collects doll quilts all year and donates them to a toy drive in the late fall.
I also came home from guild with more scraps from the free table…I know, someone needs to stop me but did you hear the word “free?”

Strips in progress!

Strips in progress!

I’ve been cutting away (at fabric) when I have a few minutes to spare which, incidentally, hasn’t been often as I had the baby three days last week and my “after-school” preschooler turned into an all-day preschooler due to some unforeseen circumstances. She’s adorable (so is the baby) but, let’s face it, she’s not going to have fun watching me cut fabric! She did help me cull black scraps from the pile today for my Wicked aka Black Cat Crossing blog hop entry. Here’s what we pulled and that’s all the hint I’m giving. Well, except to remind you that I have five cats.

Something "Wicked" this way starts!

Something “Wicked” this way starts!

I’ve got a couple free hours tomorrow while my little friend is in preschool and I’m rushing through my Rush Hour hop entry…ironic, isn’t it? Have you checked out the fabric for Rush Hour from E Studios? I love it but the budget wouldn’t stretch to all the pieces so I settled for two!
In the meantime, I owe everyone a winner…according to Mr. Random it is comment #39!

Thanks Mr. Random!

Thanks Mr. Random!

I’ll be contacting the winner to get a snail mail address.
Now I’m off and running again….I hope your fall has a bit more stitching time than I’m managing at the moment. How do non-fiber people stay sane, anyway?
Happy quilting!

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