See You in September…My Day! (And a Giveaway!)

Did you have to write those “What I Did Over Summer Vacation” essays in school every year? We did and I often felt like my fellow students had much cooler summers than I did. Now, I’m revisiting that feeling because, frankly, I didn’t get much done this summer!
Summer is my busiest work season with kids for 10-12 hours each day and, since I’m currently carrying around my own sub-tropical climate, heat and I don’t mix well! Having warned you not to expect anything mind-blowing, let me thank the wonderful Madam Samm and Shari of Living With Purpose for putting this all together.  Honestly, without this hop, I’m not sure I’d have made it up to the third floor to quilt at all!

My #1 finish is only partially mine.  A friend pieced this beauty and then handed it over to me for quilting.


I really wanted to do this one justice so I did my first ever pebble quilting and used straight lines to help make the two different browns stand out.


My second and third finishes are a bag for my nursing student daughter and a charity quilt for my guild.  In fact, you may remember that the charity quilt hit a snag when I discovered I did this…


A big oops!

It took a little thinking through but I tossed my original idea and came up with this instead.  I knew it was ok when my younger daughter saw it and said, “Can I have it?”  (She only asks that about the ones she likes.)

Nurses tote and charity quilt.

Nurses tote and charity quilt.

Now, you may be wondering “Where’s the gingham?” and here it is…


I used red gingham to line my tote bag because it reminds me of little Red Cross symbols.  I did plan to make some other gingham items but, as I said, it was a busy summer!

Now, on to the giveaway.  Today was my first day of “kids in school all day and no baby” so I took a jaunt to the quilt shop and these two “Fall-y” batiks caught my eye.  To be entered, just leave me a comment about how your summer (or winter for my Southern Hemisphere friends) was.  If you did something super fun, I love to live vicariously!  One winner will be drawn by Mr. Random after the hop to receive 1/2-yard of each fabric.  And, yes, I’ll ship internationally.


Please be sure to visit the rest of our fabulous hoppers.

Friday, September 5
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As usual, I’m thrilled to be a part of such a talented and fun group and thank you for stopping by!

Happy quilting!


105 responses to “See You in September…My Day! (And a Giveaway!)

  1. Just spend my regiment making quilts

  2. Your projects are all just wonderful! Love the quilting you did! Love the quilt you made! AND I love the bag with the gingham lining. You’ve had a productive summer!
    I have been busy, along with my husband, renovating a house. That also makes for a busy summer!

  3. My summer went fast; visited the children and grandchildren, baked, cleaned, traveled, and did some sightseeing. I really like the gingham inside the bag…nice touch.

  4. Looks and sounds like you’ve been busy this summer. I’ve spent my summer trying to stay cool so I’ve been spending a lot of time sewing. Nothing exciting but now that autumn is here I’ll be spending time outside going to craft festivals and taking day trips.

  5. Your quilting is fantastic on the quilt! My granddaughter has been on the farm all summer so we have had tons of fun. Did a little canning.. not much sewing.. but that is ok. 🙂

  6. I stayed home as I am preganant and was not wanting to travel. (Baby will be here on Wednesday!) We did make a trip to the city for an epic shopping trip at IKEA where we bought all the baby stuff. That was fun. 🙂 I also bought fabric for quilt backing there. But there was none of the famous Britten Nummer fabric to be had sadly.

  7. Nicely done projects. Thanks for sharing. We had a stay cation since the kids were both in internships this summer. That was ok for me, as I had a chance to enjoy the summer sunshine here in CA.

  8. The quilting on the labyrinth quilt is gorgeous! You sure did a wonderful job. That in itself would make me feel as if I had accomplished a lot during the summer. 🙂 I often tell my students that we don’t make mistakes, we make design changes and that when they do that, they are free to call themselves designers. Anyone can make a mistake and toss the project out or into a bin never to be seen again. You created an awesome quilt and like your daughter, I’d love to have it. My summer was spent teaching and playing catch up on a lot of projects, but I promised myself that I would allow at least one hour just for me and my sewing every day. It was wonderful! Thanks for sharing your creations with us today. You are one talented lady!

  9. Love your projects! I spent the summer trying to keep cool, and the visiting Grands busy. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Your Post and projects are absolutely delightful!! Love the colors in your Charity Quilt…colors like those make me smile! Yes, the summer did fly by….I Gardened, Sewed on my New Machine, and read lots of stories to my cherished Granddaughters. Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  11. Great projects and lovely quilting on the quilt. Love the pop of gingham inside the tote bag – clever!

  12. Hello Beth,
    your fabric and color combinations are great! My summer was really amazing, because on August 2nd, there was our wedding with a big party! 😀
    Greetings, Rike

  13. That is such a pretty quilt.Summer was fun because we had my sister’s wedding, and awful because my dad became very ill. There was no getting away due to commitments but we did have some sunshine and I read a lot of books. Thanks for a great giveaway. x

  14. I love the quilting you used on the quilt. The tote lining reminded me of little red riding hood. My summer was looking after grandchildren and working on my allotment. Both of which I love but I am so pleased to be getting my fabrics out to play.

  15. This summer I got to back to visit my Mom and brother in my old hometown. This is the first time in 20 years. I live in Wyoming and they live in Ohio. They usually come out here to visit so this was nice for me and fun!!!

  16. My summer was warm and nice, spent it together with my husband and sons home from college.

  17. My twin granddaughters came to visit one week. That was fun. Other than that I worked, sewed some UFOs, and visited the lake. Your charity quilt is bright and cheery. Nice tote bag. Did you make the owl back pack too?

  18. withajoyfulheart

    Love the hidden gingham…it’s like my favourite bowl as a child…eat up all the contents to see the hidden prettiness at the bottom. Would make me smile every time I opened it. Your quilting is just awesome…that alone would take me far more than just one summer. Great quilt for charity too…such eye-catching colours! Thank you!

  19. Beth I love the way you quilted that piece – the pebble quilting is something I’ve been wanting to try and just haven’t yet. I love making bags and so I’m always looking for new ideas. Love the gingham lining! And isn’t it fun to make charity quilts? Such a satisfying feeling! blessings, marlene

  20. lovely pieces..really ….charity quilts….you have my heart…

  21. Love your projects – I’ve never tried pebble quilting!
    I was unwell for most of the summer – I’m looking forward to catching up!

  22. Your projects are wonderful. Love the gingham on the inside of the bag. Such a great touch. The quilt turned out the best. Always good to hear Can I have it.

  23. Wonderful projects and I’m so impressed with your quilting!

  24. Lovely projects! I like that quilt, you did a great job quilting it.

  25. Just lovely!!! The quilt is gorgeous

  26. Summer is my busiest time of year. I own a campground with a average of 1000 people here. Plus I longarm quilt as well. However my job leaves me with the winter to Quilt Away! Love My Life!!!

  27. Seems like our summer went by way too fast. We did have a garden that didn’t seem to produce much at all. Disappointing. I sewed all summer a quilt for my sons wedding. My husband and I went to Shipshewana, IN. What a wonderful time we had. The Amish are wonderful people.

  28. Your project for the summer were great and the first quilt that you quilt is one I have been planning to do for years, maybe one day I will get to doing it. I have had a lot of ups and downs this summer, but I have had lots of fun running around and being with friends and working on hop projects.

  29. Beautiful projects! My summer was spent moving my quilting area into a new area. I did a bit of sewing as a respite from the chaotic atmosphere I had created. Piecing soothes my soul! In between I played with my great grand daughter,

  30. You have had a lovely and accomplished summer! The quilting and gingham lined bag are sew sweet, but my favorite is the quilt. No wonder this one was claimed as a keeper. It is so bright and happy. The batiks are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win. Thanks most of all for sharing your summer … 🙂 Pat

  31. Your quilt turned out fabulous! Love the gingham on the inside. It makes the perfect lining. My summer was filled with travels, mostly to waterfalls and state parks. I did manage to get a little sewing in as well.

  32. You finished three more projects than I did…and very nice projects. My summer included selling the ranch, moving into a new home, moving granddaughter into our home…again, and a short visit to blazing hot Austin TX.

  33. I agree! That quilt is AWESOME! No wonder she wanted it! I love the gingham…it’s just the perfect touch!

  34. Oh I had such a chuckle over your comment about carrying around your own sub tropical heat!!! I am right there with you girlfriend! I tell everyone I have my own personal summer all year round! I like your projects and the gingham lining shows up nicely. Come visit me on Sept. 10th
    Gmama Jane

  35. Great projects. I didn’t do anything spectacular this summer but I did get a lot of quilting and other sewing done.

  36. Your quilting is great, a good inspiration for me. The tote is going to be used, not one of those that gets stuck in the closet. My summer was spent getting my shop ready to sell. And still making a sewing area that is not so cluttered.
    You know, the kind that you have to move everything to find anything. Great work, enjoyed my visit.

  37. I just love anything with pinwheels – how cute! Gingham linings in a zip bag bag make for a fun surprise when you open them.

  38. What a way to save your quilt “oops”. I love how you worked it into the design. There are never mistakes, just doorways to bigger and better things! You proved that one right! What a perfect bag for your daughter, and the quilting on your top quilt is gorgeous! Enjoy those special times with no children at home. I know you will 😉

  39. Your daughter is going to love her bag for her nursing goodies. The red and white does look like the Red Cross logo. I like the little four patch and pinwheel quilt.

    Our summer was spent at home for the most part. I rather enjoy a staycation.

  40. It looks to me like you got a lot accomplished this summer ! The quilting on your friends piece was the perfect thing to do, your quilt for your daughter is super bright and happy and lining the bag with “red cross gingham”…….was a great idea !

  41. Beautiful projects, I really like the gingham bag!

  42. I love how you quilted that piece to make each row stand out…beautiful! Cute little bag for nursing goodies and that little pinwheel quilt is lovely. Looks like you had a productive summer!

  43. Aforable, I like the fabric you chose and pebble quilting….just perfect!

  44. I’m a sucker for pinwheels! Lovely projects as always.

  45. Beautiful projects. And such a great quilting. You did a great job!
    We had a lovely holiday in the mountains area of Switzerland and enjoyed the time together, even the weather was quite cool and rainy.

  46. These are so great! And your quilting is awesome. You had a productive summer!

  47. Even with your busy summer you managed to create amazing projects…each one beautiful. Thank you sew very much for sharing and hopping. Creative Gingham Bliss…

  48. Hi Beth!

    My summer was uneventful but nice and lazy! Just as the fall arrives our weather in SE Wisconsin has decided to turn summer-y, go figure. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  49. We had a fairly quiet summer. We decided to vacation in the fall this year when it would be cooler and places less crowded so I’m looking forward to that.

  50. Fabulous projects.Your quilt is just stunning.Love that block though it looks tricky for me.

  51. Beautiful job on all your projects. I love the quilts and the little bag is so pretty. Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway.
    During the Summer, I just worked on some quilt tops that needed quilting and did some stuff around the house-like cleaning, painting, and sorting out things to give away-nothing exciting.

  52. Hi Beth-Looks like you’ve had a productive summer. I made two table runners, one of which was Sashiko inspired as i really enjoy hand embroidery. I also made 2 pair of shorts for my daughter and a chair cushion with a zipper. Thanks for sharing.

  53. All of your projects are beautiful! Summer here was very hot and humid. But I like it that way. Thanks.

  54. Very pretty projects. I love the labyrinth quilt. It is such a fun and easy pattern. Your quilting is very nice. Always makes my heart sing when someone requests a quilt. Like you said. I know they like it.

  55. I don’t have young children at home anymore and oldest granddaughter is going to college. Beautiful fabric.

  56. What great projects, and I love using ‘red cross’ gingham on your nurse bag — I’ve made bags for nurses in my life, too, and wish I had thought of that! 🙂

  57. I like the quilting you did on project #1. I didn’t go anywhere special, enjoyed the quiet of home and catching up on projects.

  58. Summer was great, though a bit too hot and humid this year. It was also very short, which at this stage of my life, is a common occurrence, as the years only seem to last about 6 months. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity.

  59. My summer was busy but I did get a bit of quilting done. We had our son,daughter in law,, 2 cats, 1 dog and 2 lizards with us for 8 days before they moved west. It was a busy but fun time!

  60. Your projects are always over the moon I hate to admit it – I didn’t see an oops! Either I’m slow or I don’t know what I’m not seeing. I could like of a couple of possibilities, but whatever it was it was a great recovery. I love the nurse’s bag and adore the red cross gingham in it. Wow! what a great idea. I admire anyone who can quilt. It certainly is not my forte and I had it on my to-do list for this year to practice and I haven’t done it once. Now, for what I did. I visited my daughter and her family for two weeks. Out of that I got to see my daughter two days. Yes, I knew she was going to be gone one week and had no idea about most of the second week until time to go there. Oh, well,, I’m going back for three weeks at the end of this month while the other grandma goes to Israel. My daughter is a teacher so she shouldn’t be going anywhere this time. My big thing was that I took a trip to England – four cities – London, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Birmingham. I was in Birmingham and attended the Festival of quilts one day. I was too pooped to go the second day. I spent one whole day there and couldn’t find the winning quilts. There were magnificent quilts I did see. The number of vendors was astonishing. So, I had a busy summer traveling. Now you know why I didn’t join the hop.

  61. Summer is always so busy as we try to cram as much into a few months as possible. There’s biking, boating, hiking, gardening, grandkids, lots of birthday celebrations. Lots of outdoor enjoyment to do before the wind and the snow swirl around us. It’s awesome you get some extra sewing done. The red gingham was perfect for that bag and adds lots of pizazz.

  62. Our summer was pretty relaxing, until a couple weeks ago when we decided the need to visit Montana was too great! So we went up to my grandma’s house (8 hour drive) leaving at 4:30am Friday morning, spent time on the mountain in the fresh air, saw my aunts and got to explore the quilt shops, then returned home Sunday afternoon. The trip was very needed, and it was so nice to get back to MT, it had been 9 years since I’d been there and my husband had never been. Now he’s hooked too! I’ll be writing about it soon on my blog if you want to see some pictures. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your projects and for the giveaway!

  63. I got to attend 2 quilting retreats! One in Mo. and one in New Mexico! Am I a happy camper!!!

  64. My summer has been extremely busy; weddings, garage sales, family gatherings. Now to start to paint the house!

  65. The best thing about my summer was my middle daughter got married! It was up at Lake Tahoe, so I spent the week before the wedding at my dad’s house while going to her bachelorette party – held at a place called Picasso and Wine where we all painted a picture to take home! Al the same picture, but every one was different too! Then there was her shower when she got her first wedding quilt – it was the fourth quilt I had ever made and she loved it. Then a fun rehearsal dinner at her new in-law’s home. Went to up Lake Tahoe the day before the wedding where I had a fabulous suite – good thing I got a suite because my oldest daughter and her two daughters (6 and 1) shared it with me that night. Next day was up at 5, in my daughter’s suite for hair and makeup (she made it so easy!), ride down to the beach in a horse drawn carriage for the wedding…and the day could not have been more perfect in every way! Back at Mont Bleu for the reception where her real wedding quilt was hanging behind the cake table – a little one of 115″x105″ – looked fabulous and she loved it!!

  66. Wow. Such lovely projects. Busy summer I can tell.

  67. I had a great summer traveling and having fun with my grandchildren!

  68. My granddaughter came for a visit. Trying to keep up with an eighteen month old was fun. I went to Amish country. The food was awesome and oh so much quilt fabric. The rest of the summer I did lots of canning of tomatoes.

  69. Beth, Your little oops turned out great. Sometimes, the little oops turn into something great. I can see why your daughter is wanting it. Love the gingham interior, sew pretty!! It is so great to visit you and check out what you have created.

  70. Your projects look stunning! Loving the gingham lining! What did I do this summer? Well. At the risk of sounding horribly boring…. I cleaned. I actually mopped floors, scrubbed bathrooms, dusted, washed, all of that. Not so much fun you say…. Let me tell you, after years of my body preventing me to do more than the most basic of things it felt soooooooo good! This year was mostly about recovering from two strokes at the end of last year. Even showering on my own was an accomplishment and a sign of “a good day”. SO. I cherished the cleaning, as I did the times I was able to go out to lunch (loads), or to a meeting or just for a cup of tea at my sisters house. I didn’t quilt that much this summer either. But boy, did I have a ball!

  71. I didn’t get to travel anywhere but I took a new job and learned to drive a school bus. And worked on sewing a lot.

  72. Nice recovery on the quilt blocks 🙂 It always feels so good when you can recoup after a major snafoo!

  73. All of your project are wonderful! I spent a lot of time outdoors this summer. Our weather was a little cooler than normal and the humidity wasn’t too bad (that is until the last 10 days).

  74. Lovely projects. We’ve had a summer of rain but was still to get some home projects done.

  75. Super projects! My family and I had a great summer! Looking forward to a wonderful fall!

  76. My summer was pretty good! It was busy, and full of allergies, but we got to spend lots of time with friends and family, so that’s all the matters to me!

  77. Beautiful finishes! My summer has been going very well. Graduated in May, started working in June, went to in-laws for the 4th of July(vacation).

  78. You had me all set for low expectations in the beginning of your post and then you blew me away with tons of loveliness. Your quilting is perfect on your friends quilt. I love the contrast of textures. The charity quilt is so bright and happy, I am with your daughter on that one. “Can I have it?” lol And then a perfect nurse’s tote. Love the gingham lining. You certainly had a busy summer with sewing as a part of it. Great projects.

  79. I think you did very well to get your projects finished, Beth! Busy, busy summer sounds like. Me? Well, I did get to go to Colorado for my niece’s wedding thanks to my sister’s for arranging it as well as a quick trip to IL. A whirlwind week but I could use those 7 days back to finish MY hop stuff, LOL. Never enough time!

  80. I really haven’t accomplished much this summer — although I am back to working full time and have both boys home from college this year — so it definitely hasn’t been a quiet summer.

  81. My family came to celebrate my birthday with me. The fabric is lovely, thanks for the giveaway.

  82. My summer was great because my son who did live 13 hours away in South Carolina, moved just 4 hours away in Arkansas. (We live in the MO Ozarks) He spent most of the summer with us since he is a teacher and we just spent Labor Day weekend with him at his place. Good to have his so close to home.

  83. I keep thinking I was on top of things in June, but I don’t remember July and August at all and September is already zipping thru. Did get to a quilt retreat and since finished the quilt top. Working on 2 wedding quilts, both weddings happened, one quilt just needs binding, 2nd I’m almost thru piecing. Made 4 lap quilts with my sister for her older grandchildren, Finished a 4 yr old Lone Star UFO and gave it to my sister. Entertained family most of July. I do remember it was a great summer. Thanks.

  84. I visited my two daughters in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and Fort Worth, Texas. I started the summer with a quilt retreat in May. It has been a busy summer, but a very enjoyable one.

  85. Your pebble quilting is gorgeous! All your projects are beautiful. I had a week’s vacation from work this summer, and crossed two things off my bucket list – I went parasailing and rode in a mountain gondola. it was delightful! Thanks for the great giveaway. I love batiks!

  86. We had I think the best summer we’ve ever had as a family. We visited relatives and friends in our home state (Minnesota) all summer, and took a trip up to Alaska to see more relatives as well. So many nice memories, so much swimming, and lots of good time together.

  87. I’m all the while at home since our second daughter had just stepped foot on earth 😉 Since I didnt really have time to touch my sewing machine yet, at least browsing thru sewing blog and pretty fabrics online could be a simple pleasure in between the craziness of taking care of newborn and a toddler! 😉

  88. At the beginning of summer I was very busy making 9 pairs of summer pjs for my grandchildren. Then our 5th grandchild was born in July and my husband and I spent a few weeks helping out because on the day our grandson was born our son in law had emergency spine surgery – so it was a hectic time and I did not get much sewing done. In the last couple of weeks I have made a couple of baby quilt tops and quilted one.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  89. What nice projects you made for this hop! I love the pebble quilting. It is really pretty on your quilt.

  90. I had twin boys on June 24, so my summer has been a blur!

  91. I love the gingham lining!! You really made wonderful projects.

  92. Summer in NW PA was very rainy, but good sewing weather!

  93. Nothing exciting here this summer — just severe allergies that kept me indoors, but I got some sewing for kids in need done! My kind of fun!

  94. Your pinwheel quilt is wonderful! In August my husband and I threw a big 25th anniversary party! Many family members came to celebrate with us, and it was so much fun!

  95. Very cute charity quilt. Love the fun pinwheels and bright colors! My summer was very busy. Too much hiking (15 new mountains hiked) and working (unfortunately) to get much sewing in. And now I’m sewing like a madwoman now to catch up! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. summer is always busy on our ranch, but I sneak to the basement as much as I can to sew, and quilt!!

  97. Beautiful quilt Beth, a great finish!
    A bag with gingham inside, it’s perfect ☺
    Thanks for sharing!

  98. I love the quilt. Nothing exciting here just birds, quilts, garden full of vegetables and a visit from my daughter and grandchildren.

  99. Summer was very busy, and yet it seems like so little got done. I love the quilt.

  100. Love your projects but I know what you mean about how busy things are. With our Boys at home even though they are older they still require things so the summer slipped away before we knew it! Thanks for the Giveaway. Hugs, Susie x

  101. My summer was lovely. I met a lot of new people, worked with amazing project and did some quilting too! 🙂

  102. i spent the summer crafting christmas presents! and yet i am not even halfway!

  103. Beth…thank you for sharing all your summer sewing projects and for your inspiration. I luv bags and your nurses’s tote is awesome, perfect for any nurse…hospital or school nurse. The gingham lining is perfect!!! Luv how you made the ‘snag’ work in your charity quilt. My summer started off with me catching a virus the beginning of July. After 6 weeks and 2 visits to the doctor I am feeling much better…but still have tingling in my left thigh and the muscles on my left side are still sensitive when I sneeze or cough. I had two visits to Canada…and am still canning tomatoes. The summer went by way to quick!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  104. The summer has been beautiful but we didn’t get to do much. My husband has cancer and we’ve been on the road back and forth to the doctors and treatments. I love the sewing though because it is a way to get my mind off things.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  105. I enjoyed having both of my children home for the summer, and when they were busy quilting for our wounded military men and women and the Santa Train. Thank you for the chance to win.

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