What’s in a $1 Scrap Bag?

Remember this big bag of yummy fabric from the quilters’ yard sale at my LQS?

My  goodies!

My goodies!

Well, today I was  in need of a fabric petting session so I decided to cut up one of the scrap bags while the kids did their reading time.  (Specifically, I cut up the one you can see peaking up on the right with the light blue showing.)  What was hiding in that little bag? Here are the contents before I starting cutting.


And here are the usable strips that came from those pieces along with the small pile of cutting waste.


I did a little analysis on what I had and the outcome was

Twenty-nine 2.5″ strips (12 width of fabric, 6 more than 20″ long, and 11 strips that were 1/4 of the width of fabric)

One 2″ width of fabric strip

One 1.5″ width of fabric strip

Three strings

Altogether, it adds up to just past 1-1/3 yards of fabric if I’d cut those strips from a continuous piece.  All for $1.  Now that’s cheap therapy!

Happy quilting!


P.S.  Linking this post up to “The Purge” over at Stitched in Color!


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