Sisters Re-Cap, a Manic Mom-day and a Winner!

Let’s do this in order.  First, our annual camping trip/quilt show trip was great!  Good company, great location, some funny camping stories to add to the list…everything you could want except I didn’t get to go swimming.  I did, however, get to meet Mary Lou Weidman who was at the show with an awesome Cow Quilt Exhibit and meet one of my Flylady Quilter friends at the show (along with spending a lovely day with my older daughter and cousin.)  Oh, and Nick, our 12 year-old Lab got to attend the show for the first time and he loved all the attention.  We also found an awesome place for a quick gluten-free lunch and they even sold “Butterscotch Beer.”  Here’s a quick peek at some of the fun…just what was on my phone, I only unearthed the camera today!

Of course, every vacation ends with a harsh return to real life and ours was yesterday.  My younger daughter is doing theater camp this week and yesterday started with an ortho appointment for her, followed by feeling sick at camp, followed by a rush to the doctor’s office, to the ER for pain management and then home.  The good news is that we have a plan of action to avoid this in the future but the bad news is that the preferred treatment is not covered by her insurance and would have cost $900 for the Rx!  Thankfully, there’s a totally doable Plan B.  I was a tad frazzled after all that so I was very thankful that my husband thought to bring a chicken home from Costco.  It’s hot, hot, hot here in Oregon and we are all wilting.  He said there was a line at the deli in Costco with rotisserie chickens getting picked up as soon as they were packaged.  Obviously, no one wanted to cook any more than I did!

And now, for a winner.  Thank you to everyone who commented on the 501st post giveaway.  The winner, according to Mr. Random is comment number 46. wpid-ncm_0188.jpg

Keep your eyes open for a birthday giveaway.  At the end of next month, I’ll be turning 51 which I’m hoping will be a tad more fun than turning 50 was!  Now that I’m mostly past post-vacation re-entry trauma, I’m planning a few little fun projects.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, happy quilting (and reading!)


2 responses to “Sisters Re-Cap, a Manic Mom-day and a Winner!

  1. Glad you had such a good time at Sisters…sorry for the lousy return to “real life” with your poor daughter!!!

  2. I am sorry to hear that about your daughter. Hope your week got a lot better afterwards!


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