A Fabulous Fourth and a Different Kind of Finish

Friday morning, the all-talented handyman husband says to me, “Honey, I have a three-day weekend and I don’t get many three-day weekends…let’s redo the entryway floors.” Well, I had, in fact, invited people to come over for fireworks on the Fourth but the baby I watch two days a week is minutes away from crawling and there are only so many throw rugs you can put down over a trashed, pine floor.
So, Friday found me pulling everything out of closets and sorting while my husband took something like 36 pieces of quarter-round off the walls (numbering as he went…smart man!)
We had an awesome time in the evening. My cousins brought their portable fire pit and we set off fireworks and hung out around the fire. I made a rhubarb crisp with rhubarb right out of the garden and an apple crisp.

The next morning, we picked up sanders at he hardware store and the race was on! By Sunday night, the final coat was on and my formally-trashed-made-of-soft-wood-because-the-contracter-was-cheap entry floors looked like this…


Pretty nice, right?  Now, if you look closely, the quarter-round isn’t back on yet but that’s because it has to be painted.  Then, the wallboard will need a new coat of paint.  Then…isn’t that how home improvements work?  One project leads to another and then another.  Hmmm, sounds like quilting!

I’m off tomorrow to Sisters for the quilt show.  On the list of things to do is another batch of book reviews but look forward to some quilty and camp photos soon. I’m taking my hexie bag and my hiking shoes so it should be a very good time!

Happy quilting.


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