“The Opposite of Maybe” Has an Unlikely (or is that Unlikable?) Heroine

71rjsiR5s0L__SL1500_Jonathan and Rosie have been together so long and are so entrenched in their childless, slightly bohemian lifestyle that friends are shocked with Jonathan proposes and asks Rosie to move across the country to start a new life and new job with him. In the midst of all the planning and packing, however, Rosie begins to wonder if her life with Jonathan is what she wants or just what she wandered into. With the help of her aging, feisty grandmother and her grandmother’s handsome live-in gardener, Rosie learns how to look at her life from a new angle…what does she want out of life?
While “The Opposite of Maybe” is well-written and the characters are interesting, it was hard to really like the main character. She seemed more whining and insipid to me than anything remotely like inspiring or empowering. That, however, begs the question of what is a main character’s job, anyway? Do we have to like them, respect them, or agree with them to be entertained by them? Probably not. In “The Opposite of Maybe” I found myself ready to toss the book and the main character overboard but the grandmother was worth the read and enchanting in a sort of “grumpy Shirley MacLaine” kind of way. So, while two of the supporting cast were intriguing, “The Opposite of Maybe” is kind of the opposite of a book I’d recommend. I give it a three for good writing but overall, I’d give it a miss.
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own.

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