“Happily Ever After” is Fictional Fun and Games


Sadie Fuller is a forty-six year-old single mom who churns out an unremarkable book every year as her cover story for her real writing career writing racy novels. While her own love life is lackluster, at best, Sadie’s characters are living a very different life. It’s ok, though, it’s all in Sadie’s imagination…or so she thinks. When her characters begin invading her real life, things take a turn for the decidedly funny!
Elizabeth Maxwell captures the humor and pathos of middle-age romance and/or lack of it in “Happily Ever After.” Sadie’s adventures with her errant characters and the changes and challenges they bring into her real life make for a humorous and engaging novel. Similar in feel to “Maggie Needs an Alibi”, this book will appeal to fans of both romance and fantasy genres. Maxwell brings her characters to life with a wry, witty and yet compassionate view that shows that we are never too late for romance or, possibly, to begin living the life we always wanted.
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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