Some Winning, Some Whining and a lot of Fabric-y Fun!

So, it’s been a couple of weeks and, no, I didn’t actually fall off the planet or the wagon (I was never on the wagon but I liked the way it flowed…sorry!) So, in order of title, I owe a winner to the fabric blogging world and the winner is….

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented. Again, I’m behind in my responses and have no valid excuse….please accept my apologies instead!

So, on to the whining…not so much. My toothlessness is becoming easier to deal with as things heal and, thankfully, it’s way in the back so I haven’t given up smiling. I did have some interesting medical information on my younger daughter that sort of set my head reeling. I came into her life after her big heart surgery and, in my naivety, I assumed the fix they did was “THE FIX.” Something the cardiologist said at our last meeting got me wondering and, in fact, the fix is the “FOR NOW” fix with the possibility of hanging out on the transplant list later in life. So, head officially wrapped around that thought. (Please think about filling out your donor cards…life is an awesome gift to give!) In addition, there is some health stuff going on with my older daughter but we’re still at the “could be, might be, running tests” phase. I’ll let you know when something is definitive.

Now, on to the Fabric-y Fun! I got to take two, yes two, classes with Bonnie Hunter the last week of school! The first was the Cathedral Stars class where I did struggle a tad with my fresh-from-the-shop Featherweight but I got to meet the wonderful Jennifer from The Quilted Cat! We’ve been meeting up in the blogosphere and finally got to meet in real life. (Check out her blog and take it from me that she’s just as charming in person!)

Jennifer from The Quilted Cat, Bonnie Hunter and me!

Jennifer from The Quilted Cat, Bonnie Hunter and me!

The second class with Bonnie was “Love Shack” which is not in her books and is only available as a class as of now. It was a chance to play with scraps and free piecing and all the other things so close to my heart. I hadn’t thought to bring show and tell to the Monday class so I brought a TON to the Wednesday class…especially my quilts with letters on them! And they ended up on Bonnie’s blog here!  (There go my 15 minutes of fame!)
I came home from Bonnie’s classes with a new zeal to get the scraps into usable mode. I have many, many scraps. Think 30 years of quilting worth.  First, I rounded up the scraps hanging out in my “mini-sew zone” in the kitchen. Add them to the scraps I took to class and the ones I brought home from the free table and you have this. The tip of my scrappy iceberg!

On Father’s Day, while cooking, etc., I cut and ironed and cut and ironed out of the bag from the free table and took it from this…

To this…

Left at the bottom of the bag were some abandoned square in a square blocks and stray triangles that will go into the box of orphan blocks.


There were a few strings, too, but I’ve been putting them right to work in the units I need to complete “Love Shack.” I’m thinking about seeing if I can round up a few sponsors and having a Summer Scrapbusting Challenge. Anyone interested in busting some scrap bags into usable strips with me?  I was thinking we could post photos of our scrap bags (ok, pile of bags, boxes and picnic baskets in my case) and show our weekly progress in strips cut up and ready to use.  What do you think? Anyone interested?

Ok, now, next post is my 500th post and I think that calls for a giveaway, don’t you?  I’m off to the fabric store this afternoon if all goes according to plan (and very little does at my house.)  Watch for the next post and I’ll let you know what goodies I find for a little giveaway!

In the meantime…Happy Quilting!



2 responses to “Some Winning, Some Whining and a lot of Fabric-y Fun!

  1. I’m with you on the cutting scraps into usable pieces!!! Makes it so easy to do a leader/ender when you don’t have to stop to cut!!! Bonnie is so very inspirational, fun teacher and really helps you become productive when you actually USE her system! I enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame 🙂

  2. Glad to see you’re still in the blogging world! Email me so I can hook you up with your H2H prize donor….

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