When the Tooth Fairy Visits a Quilter!

So, yesterday didn’t go quite like I planned. You see, on Thursday of last week I bit down on a cracker and there was a bit of a crack. The tooth was sensitive, sort of, and I called the dentist. I thought maybe I’d cracked a filling. Monday, they had a cancellation so I got in and, no, I hadn’t cracked the filling…I cracked the tooth (on the plus side, the filling held.)
My dentist couldn’t stabilize the tooth so we set up an appointment for Tuesday morning. The tooth was due for a crown anyway but, as luck would have it, the tooth hadn’t just cracked once…it had fractured in a bunch of different places! So, it had to go and now we are going to be going through the process of a bone graft and implant. Needless to say, I was sore and sticker-shocked when I left the dentist. I did have a legitimate fabric need for this month’s tea so I headed to the local quilt shop for three yards of floral.

I found a lovely piece in the sale aisle and then this beautiful Peg Conley piece caught my eye and my lovely daughter insisted on buying me two yards.  Now, it’s not like I’m angling to lose any more teeth but this is a pretty good consolation prize, right?



3 responses to “When the Tooth Fairy Visits a Quilter!

  1. Ouch. Remember to go to your dentist appointments extra early to have an excuse for some hand stitching in the waiting room

    • I must admit that today I read the kind of magazine I wouldn’t bring home! But it sounds like I’ve got lots of stitching opportunities coming up 🙂

  2. Love that sweet daughter of yours!!!!

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