It’s an Indoor Picnic (and a giveaway)

When my daughter was little, we used to picnic indoors with a towel on the floor for a table. This was the ultimate indulgence as we’d both grab a book and spend a companionable hour with nibbles and words. So, when Madam Samm announced a picnic blog hop in June (wedding month around here), my mind went right to the two people who tend to leave a wedding reception hungry…the bride and groom!



My indoor picnic for two includes gluten-free tea sandwiches (cucumber is my favorite), fresh fruit and a little something sparkly.  Pack it with a wedding quilt in an antique basket and, voila, you have the perfect set up for a romantic wedding night picnic.


Now, for the giveaway, I’m giving one winner a 1/2 yard piece of the wedding background fabric I used in this quilt.  Just leave me a comment, any subject and tell me something you like about weddings, quilting, picnics…your choice!  I’ll draw after the hop is over and, yes, I’ll ship internationally.

Remember all these other picnic hoppers and, as always, thanks to the wonderful Mary and Madam Samm for making all this fun happen!

Thursday June 5

60 responses to “It’s an Indoor Picnic (and a giveaway)

  1. barbara woods

    i love making quilts, thanks

    • What a wonderful idea to make a wedding picnic quilt! I know that I never ate even a crumb at my wedding reception.

  2. My grandparents used to take us on a “Sunday drive” in the summertime. We would always end up at a roadside park for a picnic. Sometimes we used a blanket on the grass. We would have sandwiches and potato salad and cake or watermelon for dessert! Fond memories.

  3. My latest picnic is the one I wrote all about on my blog last Tuesday. It was a perfect picnic even though the weather was COLD. My son was the perfect companion. I will use my new picnic quilt as often as I can this summer!

  4. When our son was little, we had picnics indoors on the livingroom floor. We always had such fun. Where does the time go. Your idea of a picnic for the Bride and Groom is a great one. Thank you for being part of this fun hop.

  5. Very cute idea, A picnic basket has been my go-to wedding gift since I was in college forty years ago. Last year when my daughter got married there was a big wrapped box on their gift table from me with a basket for two and all the fixings for a fine picnic … well, accept a quilt. I had intended to make one for them, but my daughter requested that I be “the wedding quilter” and make matching purple table quilts for all her reception tables. That kept me very busy at this time last year. The quilt I started for the picnic hop had been intended for her as an anniversary gift, but my hubby liked this one too much and asked me if I might make another for their gift. I did give them a large bed quilt ensemble when they became engaged that they are currently using in their new home. I am also working on a quilt for them with fabric squares signed by their wedding gifts on the backing. Should I be lucky enough to win the fabric, I shall find a place on the backing for this wedding fabric. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win … 🙂 Pat

  6. Love your idea for a wedding night picnic! My daughter is getting married August 1 and I’ll have to make sure I do something like this for her! I just need to get her wedding quilt quilted! I’ve got 150 hours into the quilting so far and at least another 50 to go…then I have to bind the bugger!!! Love that material – would be perfect in my next wedding quilt (this is daughter #3 to get married, still have 3 daughters and 1 son to go). Thank you for the opportunity to win such loveliness!!

  7. What a sweet idea. I’ll have to copy that. We got our picnic basket for our wedding and it’s been a treasure all these years. The quilt is very pretty.

  8. Well I must say I love the idea of giving a quilt to someone for a wedding present because you’re making something that will last them a good long time and be useful for many things, although I always hope they’ll use it to cuddle up together. Thank you for sharing your memories of indoor picnics!

  9. One of my favorite wedding gifts was a picnic basket, with all the accessories. And , yes, we left our reception hungry! Must not have mattered, we’ll celebrate 35 years on June 22nd.

  10. I’m going to a wedding in a fortnight’s time – I love the chance to get together with all my siblings and their families!

  11. When my chidlren were small we often had indoor picnics, particularly if the weather was bad. We would put up a small tent and fill it with cushions and books then sit with our treats. Thank you for a sweet giveaway too.

  12. My Boys and I have had many a picnic indoors due to the good old English weather. We also have 4×4 so that if we are out and the weather is bad we climb into the back and have the tail gates down so we can see out but stay dry and often warm!!!! Love the quilt. Thanks for sharing and the Giveaway. Susie x

  13. What a wonderful idea. That would be a great wedding present. Your quilt is lovely!

  14. What is there not to like about quilting. I like everything that goes along with it.. I like to cry at weddings, and I love the memories I have of family picnic reunions in the summer. What I didnt like about those was when the older generation came up to you and pinched your cheeks and told you how much you had grown since they last seen you. lol

  15. Love going to weddings and seeing the love in the bride and groom’s eyes……Thanks for the give away.

  16. how lovely…an indoor picnic and the setting so sweet….my idea of a perfect wedding was when I married my husband….we had a harpist and cellist
    and a soloist and when I viewed there was not one person who was not dabbing their eyes…now they could have been crying because they thought ohhh my it won’t last…

  17. That’s a really thoughtful idea for someone’s wedding night! Your quilt is beautiful. (Please leave me out of the giveaway.)

  18. Michele Timms

    That is a wonderful idea for a wedding gift!! your quilt is gorgeous!

  19. What a woderful idea! One of my grandsons is getting married in August and this would make the most wonderful gift! I had already thought of a picnic quilt with a basket but even better, get it filled and ready for the wedding night! blessings, marlene

  20. What a lovely idea. I can remember going hungry at my wedding!

  21. withajoyfulheart

    Fantastic idea. Beautiful quilt! I remember going for a picnic with my parents one year. We brought the coleman stove, picnic’d by a lake and washed our dishes in it afterward. My mom taught me to use sand to wash them as it would remove any grease residue. That was a particularly beautiful sunny day.

  22. Wonderful Gift! What I love most is the wedding shower. That is usually when I give the hand created gift. I LOVE seeing their anticipation. It is pretty much known that there will be either lap quilts, wedding quilt or some fibery gift!

  23. Love your quilt!!! Picnics are so fun, as are weddings!! but I cry more at weddings…lol

  24. What a wonderful, romantic idea! I love it. Thanks for sharing it!

  25. What a lovely wedding gift. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Your quilt is beautiful and I love the idea of a honeymoon picnic!!!

  27. I Love your idea! The fabrics you chose are gorgeous, I bet the two really enjoyed their special gift! I Love Weddings and really think about the gift I give, one that will last a lifetime~ Thanks for sharing!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  28. Your picnic looks very romantic.

  29. That’s a perfect and thoughtful gift for the bride and groom !

  30. Gorgeous! A picnic in front of a roaring fire…now what can be better!

  31. Your photo of your picnic in front of the fire is so beautiful and your quilt is just so gorgeous! What a great gift idea for a bride and groom! Beth, you really know how to create a wonderful picnic…thanks for sharing! I love wedding because everyone is so happy.

  32. Pretty quilt and yummy looking food…a sweet idea to base on weddings!

  33. Beautiful quilt! And that “antique basket”…my mom had one like that when I was young, and we used it a lot! It is probably still in her attic!

  34. picnics are so much fun and your quilt would add a bit of spice to it.

  35. I love your picnic basket! The quilt of course is quite lovely and I can see why the bride and groom would not get much chance to eat with all the mingling they have to do at the reception. You have planned for for their own private picnic. Those strawberries are so big they look like a meal in and of itself!

    I remember a picnic with another ministerial family when we all lived in Wisconsin. One of the pictures of that day cycles through on my screen saver every one in a while. We are deep into some watermelon, LOL.

  36. Beautiful quilt. Would love to win the fabric. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

  37. Lovely palette. Perfect for a wedding!

  38. What a lovely quilt and a very romantic setting. I would love to have a picnic on the beach and then lay back with a good book!

  39. Your quilt is beautiful….soft colors..perfect romantic look. I LOVE that picnic basket in your picture!!! Great idea for a wedding gift.

  40. What a fantastic gift for the lucky bride and groom! Thank you for sharing.

  41. indoor picnic looks so nice – great quilt!

  42. I love weddings! THE DRESS, flowers, bridesmaids dresses, etc!

  43. I think an indoor picnic is a splendid idea! Love your quilt!

  44. Beautiful idea for the wedding of your friends, they will never forget this present, you are great!

  45. Oh my goodness, your idea is perfect for me. My picnic basket arrived too late for the hop and my daughter is getting married in October. I’ve just found the perfect solution instead of sending the basket back, it’s now going to be a gift. Thank you!

  46. Hello, love your idea of a Fireside Picnic! Love your quilt too! Thanks for sharing some really neat fabric!

  47. I loved the idea of a wedding quilt present, but we are not at that stage with any of the grands in our family, but I was thinking that it would be great to make picnic quilts for my young fams for Christmas. So you have been my inspiration! Thank you!

  48. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the fabric you choose for it. What a great picnic you had.

  49. What a wonderful gift for a bride and groom. I see many anniversary picnics in their future!

  50. That is just the best idea to include a quilt as a special present. Beautiful work!

  51. Picnics and weddings. Lovely idea.

  52. How thoughtful! It looks so cosy too! Your quilt is beautiful in that colour way.


  53. What a truly beautiful quilt! I officiate at weddings and am performing two ceremonies this weekend. I hope my young couples have many years of romance. 🙂

  54. Love the idea of a wedding night picnic… fantastic! And so true… the bride and groom are always too excited and busy to eat!
    I love the fun memories made at weddings and parties and picnics… reminders of all the good things in life!

  55. I LUV to hear about different “after the wedding” surprises and this was such a great idea! Really luv it!

  56. What a romantic set for a picnic!!

  57. We never got a piece of cake at our wedding and I must say I love wedding cake!

  58. Brilliant, my friend!!!

  59. Sweet idea and a lovely picnic quilt.

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