“Out of the Depths” a First-Hand Account of an Epic Survival Tale

51kVfHqL-KL__SL160_OU01_SL90_On July 30th, 1945, The USS Indianapolis and a crew of 1,196 were making its way to a small island in the South Pacific.  Unescorted in waters that are thought to be safe, the ship falls victim to a midnight torpedo attack.  Six torpedoes later, it is estimated that over 900 of the ship’s crew found themselves in shark-infested waters.  Some were injured, all were frightened and all longed for a rescue ship…a wait that would last for five days.  Less than 1/3 of the men in the water survived to be rescued.

Edgar Harrell tells his personal story of faith and survival in “Out of the Depths.”  This is a stirring tale of horror and faith.  Harrell doesn’t paint himself as a superhero, just a young man suddenly cast into the depths of a tragedy he never could have foreseen.  This very personal story of how his faith helped him through the darkest of days and nights is moving and inspiring.  Harrell also tells of the aftermath of the sinking.  This is a book suitable for readers in middle grades and up (although I wouldn’t give it to anyone heading on a cruise!)

This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review.  The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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