Memorials and Kitty Faces (and the best kind of friend!)

Again, my apologies for the radio silence. I’ve been really in a struggle with busy schedule and not enough energy.  Of course, is there really ever enough time or energy? I used to wish there were two of me so the other one could take care of the mundane stuff while I did all the fun stuff.  Then, I realized that the flaw in that plan is that she’d say “yes” to as many projects as I do and we’d both be twice as busy!  Oh well, it was a nice idea while it lasted!

So, for those of us in the States, yesterday was Memorial Day. wpid-ncm_0013.jpg My little town (little to me, 30K or so) puts on a wonderful service in the historic cemetery every year.  I was first introduced to the service when my older daughter was in middle school and her band was asked to play.  Every year since, we’ve enjoyed the lovely service featuring our local fire department’s bagpipers, JROTC, our middle school band and representatives from our local VFW and more.  My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and I love seeing the servicemen and women of that era getting a measure of the respect that many of them were denied when they returned home.

On the quilting front, not much to share at the moment but I have my picnic blog hop entry all done and ready to go.  I did, however, finish these four kitty coasters for my mom to give as a gift.  The paper-piecing pattern is a freebie from Jennifer over at Sewhooked.wpid-ncm_0019.jpg

The top two kitties are portraits of Griffie and Jack and the bottom two are reminiscent of Griffie and Winnie.  Zoe has too many colors and I haven’t found “calico cat” fabric yet!


The other thing I’ve been wanting to share is this. The other day I got a call from a dear friend who found a couple of old quilts at a garage sale.  There were four

wpid-ncm_0006.jpgquilts all together but she

was only able to nab two…one for each of us.  I got this lovely flower-pot for a whopping $8.  It’s tough to date because of all the solids but there is a print on the back that might give some clues.  Some of the greens are more fugitive than others and I’m not sure what color the pots started as but the overall effect is lovely in spite of the big black zig-zag stitches that someone tried to mend the quilt with.  I’m  planning to take those out and re-mend the place the seam was coming apart.  I’m also working on assembling the blocks of my Jamestown Landing.  I’ll be excited to show a photo soon.  In the meantime, the baby is sleeping (I watch the Most Adorable Little One two days a week) and I have a boatload of books to review I’ve been given the chance to read some fun ones lately and I’m excited to share them with you!

Happy quilting!


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