In the Nick of Time

First, let me offer my apologies for not  responding to all the lovely comments on my Super Power Post.  I had the best of intentions but got caught short of both time and, I suspect, thyroid hormone (more on that subject in a later post.)  I also had two projects on deadline, a middle schooler with a grade crisis (a crisis to mom, that is!), a college student with strep and just a general sort of non-creative malaise and lack of energy.  Luckily, a round of adjusting dosages, vitamins and a decent night’s sleep seem to have brought back that urge to pound the computer keys again. So, first, a long-overdue winner from the Super Power post.  The winner, according the Mr. Random, was comment number 36.  I’ll send an email to the winner and the fat quarters will be out, post-haste!wpid-ncm_1003.jpg

Then, I have a story to share about a real super hero.  I have a lovely lady I know named Sylvia.  She and I spent years working side-by-side at band and track events when my older daughter was in middle school and high school. She is one of the most loving and kind people I’ve ever known.  I don’t think anyone walks away from a conversation with Sylvia without feeling better!

In January, Sylvia lost both lower legs and her left hand to a rare blood infection.  Last week, I watched through blurry eyes as my friend escorted her son onto the high school gym floor to take his place in the Prom Court.  Watching her walk on her new legs with such grace and spirit was one of the most beautiful moments!   Our community has rallied around Sylvia and her family in the last year already as her youngest son was diagnosed with Stage Four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the spring of his Junior year of high school.  Sylvia’s illness came just as her son received his first clean PET scan.  Last night, there was a benefit concert and auction and, of course, I had to make a quilt. The only problem was that I was on deadline with a commission piece (for a wedding…no wiggle room on that date) and was lacking both ideas and energy.  Finally, the light bulb turned on and I remembered three blocks I pattern tested for Kristy over at Quiet Play.  The addition of another block, some Sawtooth Star treatment to make them bigger, a wide lattice and a piano key border and, voila…I finished “And the Band Played On” just in time for the auction.

wpid-ncm_0994.jpgIt’s bigger than it looks, finishing at 54″ x 54″ and has a flannel back.  It was won in the auction by my dear friend, Christy, who came to the auction with the sole purpose of winning the quilt for her daughter.

I had some help along the way as I cranked this quilt out in five days (while working full-time.)  One source of help was from Starbucks who decided that my neck of the woods was the perfect place to test market having coconut milk available.

wpid-ncm_0986.jpgI can’t tell you how much fun it is to be able to get a coffee with the grown-ups!  Of course, the first time I ordered, I had to text my barista-daughter and ask her what it is she brings me that I like! I’ve never actually been much of a coffee fan (and I’m supposed to avoid caffeine) but I’ve found that if you add enough sugar and flavor in it, it’s pretty good!  I had another helper, of  course, as I barreled through the piecing and quilting process.  Gizmo was by my side for most of the process “helping” as he always does!

wpid-ncm_0990.jpgNow, I’m going to link this up to the paper piecing party over at Quiet Play so I can show Kristy what I did with her terrific patterns!  Now, on a different note, Craftsy is doing a flash sale in honor of their birthday and you can click on the link on my sidebar to see the classes that are on sale for 50% off this weekend!  And now that I’ve caught up a little sewing news, look for a more book reviews including four craft books.  In the meantime, happy quilting and happy Mother’s Day!

3 responses to “In the Nick of Time

  1. I LOVE this quilt (sorry for shouting, but it is very nice).

  2. Your quilt is beautiful and that is such a sweet story about your friend, Sylvia. Thanks for sharing!

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