A Bit of This and That and Some Goal Setting


Well, this is as far as I got on the car quilt.  I finished up the blocks and cut lattice and started putting the top together.  It’s not finished but that’s a lot further than I was! Luckily for me, my #11 UFO is to make another sewing machine cover.  (I need a total of two more and then we’ll have all the most used machines covered.)  I’ve made one with the featherweight on it, one ruffled and I’ve got an idea of what I may do on this one.


As far as the Triangle Along, I got less than a quarter of my triangles cut but I’m hoping to fix that this weekend.  Of course, I’ve still got two other quilts to finish, too, but who’s counting?

Ok, so we’ve established that I’ve got a bit of a problem saying “no” and I have a huge soft spot for scraps.  This is what happened when I dropped in a the quilt shop while my older daughter was at an appointment.  I was sucked right in by a lovely basket of scrap pieces.  Just for fun, I laid they on my table and here’s what all I found…




My table is a yard wide by 2 yards long so that was a lot of scrap! I did actually cut them all down and put them in my scrap user bins.  There’s nothing like adding some fresh colors to your scrap bins.  I’ve decided that I need to start planning  my first quilt from the bins, the 2.5″ strip drawer is looking pretty full and I love all those scrappy trips that I’m seeing all over.  However,  finishes first…right?  Sure….

Happy Quilting!


P.S.  I’m linking this up to the goal setting party over at the Lovely Year of Finishes and Connie’s UFO Party on Pinterest.


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