Flags on a Stick Blog Hop (and a giveaway.)

It’s my day! Well, mine and some other wonderful, talented stitchers. As always, I’m honored to find myself in such talented company and oh, so grateful to Madame Samm and Thearica from Pig Tales and Quilts for orchestrating all this fun and to our sponsor, Flags on a Stick. Now, I have to say in the spirit of full disclosure that my flag grew a tad bigger than intended. I started out with 11×17″ drawing but I did the whole thing freehand piecing and well, fabric sometimes has a mind of its own! I’m still excited by my little flag which displays my motto for Spring.

??????????I had to catch a shot between rain showers so the lighting isn’t the best of but it says, “Bee Happy” across the top.  I like the play on words but I also like the idea that happy is something we decide to be, not a circumstance we find ourselves in.  And speaking of happy, I’m so happy you hopped by today!

Also showing their creations today are the following fabulous and talented people:

Bumbleberry Stitches

Quilted Delights

Red Quilts

On the Banks of Frog Creek

Words & Stitches – you are here!

K and S Sweets and Stitching

I know you’ll want to see every stop!  And, now, since you made it this far…how about a giveaway?  I’ve got another 1/2-yard of blue fabric to give away.  (I liked this one so much that I bought a fairly good-sized piece of it but I’m keeping the last piece for me!)

DSCN2822Just leave a comment about anything although, if you have a motto, I’d love to hear it.  I’ll have Mr. Random draw after the hop is over and, yes, I’ll ship internationally and, no, you don’t have to be a follower (but you can if you want!)

Do know that I read each and every comment and will try to respond but something life just gets away from me.

Happy quilting!


71 responses to “Flags on a Stick Blog Hop (and a giveaway.)

  1. Lovely flag and I like your swirly quilting. My motto is, If you don’t ask for something, you definitely won’t get it.

  2. I’ve been enjoying the creative ideas for flags so far and getting some great ideas! My motto is: Do the best you can in everything you do!

  3. I like your Bee Happy flag. It is so true that happiness is a choice, I too am happy I stopped by today.

  4. Definitely a motto to live by and a beautiful flag to remind you. Great job! I love you motto. Mine is Bloom Where You Are Planted.

  5. My Motto…”Never Give Up!”

    Love your Flag too…I would hang it inside tho..toooo nice to get weathered…

  6. Wow, a wonderful flag and so very clever.

  7. No cute motto or flag like yours, but my word for the year is grace – a reminder to give grace to others as grace has been given to me.

  8. Lovely flag and I love the Bee Happy you added! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Your flag is lovely.

  10. I love yours the best so far but I love Bees. My Motto is don’t wallow, get up and get moving. You make your own happiness in life so you choose. Don’t talk about it, just do it.

  11. Lovely bee hive and bee!

  12. Love your bee hive flag! Sew very pretty!

  13. darlene macdonald

    Beautiful job on your flag. Hopefully spring will be showing its face soon 🙂

  14. What a lovely sentiment… On a similar thought, I’ve always liked “Choose Joy” 🙂 Wonderful flag!!

  15. I love your flag, bees are one of my favourite motifs. My motto is Be still.

  16. Your flag is so cheerful! My motto is “Never give up”. Thanks!

  17. Beth, your flag is just tooooo cute ! Great idea….mine is Bee Thankful

  18. Your flag is so cute! I don’t really have a motto, but I try to approach every day with a positive outlook. It makes most everything better. Love the blue fabric — circles and dots and swirls are my favorites.

  19. What a great motto AND flag. I love the sentiment and, yes, it’s attitude not circumstances. I attend a GriefShare group and people tell me they can see a difference in me since I’ve been attending. I think the big turning point was when I realized that I don’t want to be a bitter old woman. My motto is “Things happen for a reason.” I try to look to see what I am to learn from the event and how to improve myself. Thanks for great inspiration.

  20. I don’t have a motto, but I love your flag! I especially like how you did the bee skep.

  21. What a happy flag! Love the pieced letters. Beautiful!

  22. Your flag makes me “Be Happy”… sure puts a smile on one’s face. Great job!

  23. Happiness is a must!!! Love your flag and your work on it!!!

  24. Bee Happy! Great motto and flag, nice bee. I have several mottos that I tried to teach both my girls: Stick to your guns, Treat others as you want to be treated and At work, do such a good job they will wonder what they ever did without you!

  25. Brilliant! I love the bee hive – I should try to make one of these for my sister who keeps bees! blessings, marlene

  26. Lovely work Beth! My motto: Keep it Simple..sometimes we make our lives so much more complicated that they need to be…we need to BEE HAPPY 🙂

  27. What a great flag! Of course, I love bees, so i think it’s especially wonderful!

  28. Good Morning Beth……ohhhh you’ve been BEEEzy….and what a lovely sentiment too, we need reminders to be HAPPY, the one thing we should all strive for…thanks for the reminder, your flag is memorable…

  29. Your flag is sew cute. Love the beehive. I don’t really have a motto but maybe in quilting it could be “Use it Up”. I can not part with any scraps! I use just about anything that is left after cutting out projects. I love scrappy quilts so that must be why don’t waste any fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I cant say I really have a Moto… I think mine changes to fit the day or the situation… normally in the form of a song! LOL I have had a horrid cold for the last three days and been singing ‘Man I feel like hell today’ but those are the only words I know to the song! It is just as bad as the week I had the theme song for greatest American Hero in my head! I’m a bit crazy sometimes! ;0)

  31. When I was young my Dad would always say, “Have a great day–better yet make one!” I say it to my kids now.

  32. Love the flag. Yes, very good words to live by. Just Bee Happy and Sew! My grandma (who’s been gone for nearly 30 years) used to always say “Love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck”. I hadn’t heard that in a long time and now I’m seeing it on signs everywhere! Every time I read one of those signs, I hear her voice in my head and heart saying it. That makes me Sew Happy!

  33. Cute flag! The blue background really sets it off. In junior high school, my kids’ principal used to end his morning announcements with, “Have a great day, or not. The choice is yours.” So true. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  34. Great flag – I love the sentiment ‘Bee Happy’

  35. I see that bee and the Bee Happy on your cute flag and now all I think of is that song “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. LOL!!!!

  36. I especially like your flag because my motto is Be Happy. I try to be optimistic in my view of everything. I try to find the silver lining in the cloud.

  37. Who couldn’t feel happy seeing that sweet flag…it’s beautiful!

  38. Your flag makes me “Bee Happy” too! I think my motto at the moment is ” … just keep sewing …” (think little fishy that just keeps swimming). Through life’s ups and downs and run arounds, I just keep sewing forward. Sewing is my happy place. May you have a happy day and thanks for brightening mine with your pretty flag. Thanks, also, for a chance to win a pretty piece of blue sky fabric … 🙂 Pat

  39. I be happy just looking at your lovely flag. No better words of wisdom to share either! If you can’t change it, than just be happy with it! 😉

  40. What a cute flag! And I love the quilting, too!

  41. Adorable! Thanks for the giveaway too. Blue is my favourite colour!

  42. Your flag is so cute, everyone should Bee Happy. My motto is, ‘”Today is another adventure, make the most of it.”

  43. That is sew adorable. It just makes me BEE happy.

  44. “When in doubt, don’t.”
    Kind of a weird motto, but I have always lived by it and have never regretted following it!

  45. Every little detail on that flag is beautiful and cheery! really brightened my day…and then a GIVEAWAY too??? Awesome!

  46. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    Your flag is so cute…makes me think that I should do one for our Bunco group…

  47. Cute flag! I love blue!

  48. It’s adorable, and we all know the bees will be buzzing come spring. Great motto also! I wish more people would be content to just “Bee Happy” with their lives!

  49. Love the flag and the moto. I think if we have one in our family it is “in the nick of time” as we always end up getting things sorted usually when someone else hasn’t done it!!!!! Thanks for the Giveaway and sharing. Susie x

  50. Don’t worry, be happy….singing. Very cute flag. do, do, do do do do……Thanks for the smile.

  51. Your flag is wonderful and I like the motto!

  52. Great job of freehand piecing. I love the swirly quilting in the sky fabric and the whole “BEE HAPPY” theme makes me want to be just that!

  53. Your flag and motto are so cheerful, a good way to welcome spring.

  54. Love your bee happy flag,and your thoughts that happy is a state of mind. My motto: Have the Day of Your Choice (because I believe we have the kind of day we choose to have).

  55. bee u tiful and love the swrills
    in stitches

  56. Bee…eautiful….my motto is…There’s no such word as can’t..

  57. Wonderful! Love the honey bee and hive. Do you remember that crazy song, “Be Happy”, that came out many years ago? Yep, I agree, that you can choose to be happy.

  58. Love you flag. Bee’s are my sisters favorite. You did a great job. I love the Be Happy. My screen saver at work says “Always Be Happy”

  59. Very Cute and the idea/logo is awesome!!

  60. Love the flag and your swirly quilting makes it even better!!

    -Soma 🙂

  61. Cute flag. One of my mottos comes from my Dad. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  62. Your flag makes me smile and “Bee Happy” Thank you sew very much for Hopping and Flag Flying…

  63. Great site! =ly great flag :)! Motto: (from my dad) You can do it, do it, do it, if you set your mind to it!

  64. Love the bee hive flag! I am so ready for warm weather, flowers and bees!

  65. What fun … “Bee Happy” … very sweet and thank you so much for sharing!

  66. Love your little flag, so cute and words to live by!

  67. I love your Bee Happy flag on a stick – so perfect for spring!

  68. What a great flag…although now i’m pretty sure I will be singing “don’t worry be happy” all night long. 🙂

  69. Your flag is sew adorable, love the bumble bee, so cute!

  70. Your flag is absolutely adorable! And, I love your comment about being happy. 🙂 I believe a positive attitude is a choice (and some days are just easier than others – lol!) Beautiful work!

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