“Tide and Tempest” Continues the Edge of Freedom Series

51FL-TeL9xL__SS300_Captain Keondric Morgan hasn’t forgotten the Irish lass who left his ship heartbroken after losing her beloved on the voyage two years before. After a mysterious dying message from a crew member leaves him wondering, he begins to believe that an innocent action on his part may have put Tillie McGrath in mortal peril. Will contacting her protect her or put her in more danger? Should he follow his head or his heart or could they both be leading him in the same direction?
This third book in the “Edge of Freedom” books by Elizabeth Ludwig offers an interesting look into the lives and political influences of the Irish immigrants. Filled with danger, intrigue, and romance, “Tide and Tempest” is a good, solid historical romance. The characters are well-done and the setting is fresh despite a slight predictably in the plot. The glimpses into the earlier time in New York seem well-researched and thoughtfully presented. While this book only rates a four from me, it’s still a good read. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, I would urge you to give this a try. It would be worth going back and starting at the beginning of the series, though, with “No Safe Harbor.” There’s a lot of important back story you miss otherwise.
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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