Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I’ve probably mentioned this before but I went to elementary school with Irish nuns.  Very Irish nuns.  These dear ladies had only come to the states ten years before I started first grade (they were fresh off the boat when my brother started 10 years earlier.)  I was quite a bit older when I realized that not every child learned the jig in elementary school!  To celebrate the big day, we usually had green popsicles courtesy of the nuns.  It’s still a tad chilly for popsicles in Oregon so this morning I made these.  Gluten-free sugar cookies with green sprinkles. The recipe is from Gluten-free cooking school at About.com.  Mary Francis has my undying gratitude for her pizza crust recipe…what a lifesaver!


Saturday, as you probably know, was International Quilting Day and I got a fabulous gift!  There was an opening for a person to attend our guild’s workshop for free…I just had to help a little with transporting some equipment and being early to open the room.  It fell into place like a perfectly easy puzzle.  7:30 – drop younger daughter off for a Girl Scout trip then drive to class by 8:30.  I even had time to get a hot chocolate on my way!  The class was Helene Knott’s new totem patterns.  You can see them on her web site here.

Then, after it was all done and cleaned up and I was feeling oh-so-rested by the gentle hum of adult quilting voices, I stopped in the thrift store bin store and found these two vintage pieces of fabric…for a whopping 67 cents!


After that, I went home and sewed the second George Washington panel that Debby Kratovil had sent me to surprise my husband with.  I’ll try to get a photo of him with it to post here.  Of course, I told him it is HIS job to keep it dog-free!  It’s proudly installed on our bed where Winnie had to give it a good sniffing to see if it was dangerous or not.


Gizmo, of course, is immune to such worries.  The only thing that really worries him is when his “mom” (yours truly) isn’t home or doesn’t come to bed on time.  One of his funny little habits is that if I come to bed late then he curls up above my head instead of on my shoulder.   Speaking of pet funnies, so many of you had such fun pet stories!  I’m just getting to answer them now but do know that I read and enjoyed each one!  Tomorrow, I’ll draw for the fabric and let Craftsy know to draw for the class.  Oh, and speaking of Craftsy, they extended their sale on classes through tomorrow.  (The link on the sidebar will take you there.) If you’ve been thinking of a class but you’re not sure, they also have several free ones, too, that make great opportunities to check them out!

Now, dinner, then returning the guild equipment and some sewing…and some long-overdue book reviews!

Happy quilting,




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