March Goal Setting

I know, this is a picture of finished quilt but that’s because it was meant to be one of a trio or quartet.


There are quite a few car fans in my family and this is the first version of the car quilt finished for my husband.  There’s a certain other someone who has a birthday this month (my brother who doesn’t read my blog…I hope) and so I’ve fiddled my goals around this month to fit my time.  I’ve been blessed to get a two-day-a-week baby and I now have a preschooler and kindergartener on Mondays and Thursdays so my schedule just got a tad more crowded but with hubby on 1/2-salary, all the work I can get is a blessing!  I’m also blessed in that I always seem to get very nice kids in my care.

I’ve got a wedding quilt to make and I’ve been asked to make a raffle quilt for a fundraiser for my friend, Sylvia, who is recovering from triple amputation.  You can see her story (and the quilt I made) by clicking here.  I also have two lap robes from guild to get quilted and turned in and my ruffles project(s) to finish.  Other than that, I’ve not a thing to do…how about you?

I’m linking this up to the goal setting party for “A Lovely Year of Finishes 2014.”

One response to “March Goal Setting

  1. well, I hope you won’t get bored with nothing to do!! Good luck with your goals

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