Hugs and Kisses! (And a Giveaway.)

It’s here, it’s here…one of my favorite times of the year! Now, I do love Valentine’s Day. Not all the hype, mind you, or the idea that someone has to spend huge amounts of money to prove their affection but just the opportunity to remind all the special people in my life just how special they are. Speaking of special people, a big hug and kiss to Madam Samm and Soma from Whims and Fancies for designing a great pattern that helps by directing all the funds to some special charities and for organizing this hop and to P&B Textiles and Shelley’s Buttons and More for sponsoring!

Last year, I shared how we celebrate Valentine’s at our house with a heart-shaped dinner (you can read that post here) and so I thought, “What do I need to add to my table?”  I loved, loved, loved the image of the heart with the arrow and I had some lovely fabric that my DH had given me for Valentine’s last year.  I don’t know about you, but when I make a special dinner, make a quilt, or shop for a “just so perfect” little gift, what I’m really doing is telling someone how I much I care.  So, here’s what I decided to add to our Valentine table…


Unfortunately, the winter weather has me photographing indoors so the lighting is not the best.  Here’s a little close-up of the pieced block from the pattern.


Now that my table runner’s done, perhaps I’ll work on place mats for next year.  In the meantime, I’ve made a couple of small Valentine’s for the packages that had to mail early.



As you can see, we were having our burst of winter weather.  We had about 8 inches of snow before the freezing rain came in (just on the afternoon of the day we needed to retrieve our daughter from the airport!)  We got her home just fine and she delighted her younger sister by bringing her  a veritable treasure trove of Percy the Pig fruit snacks from Marks & Spencer!


Here’s how the yard looked on Sunday…a fine layer of ice on snow.  Luckily, not a very big layer and it melted quickly!

The view from my front door.

The view from my front door.

Much as I love the snow, I’m glad to be back to driving again.  (I was born and raised in Southern California and, out of concern for the safety of other drivers, I don’t drive on white stuff!)

So,  for the giveaway, shopping opportunities have been  slim since I’m back to working at the candy store for the holiday so I’m sharing some of my favorites from my own stash.  There’s an oversized fat quarter of the check and a half-yard of the floral.


Yes, I’ll ship internationally and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment.  Perhaps tell me your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day?  I love the people, of course, but my other top two are chocolate and all the pink in the decorations!  (I’ve mentioned before that pink is my very favorite color…just a few dozen times, I’m sure.)  Anyway, thanks for hopping by and be sure to stop and see all the other wonderful, talented quilters showing their creations today.  Oh, and my giveaway for the Grow Your Blog Hop is still open until the 15th so you can comment on this post to enter that, too!

Feb 13th
Lady Beth
Words & Stitches – You are here!
Lady Jenny
Lady Britt-Inger
Lady Carla
Lady Marian
Lady Lyndsey
Here’s hoping that your Valentine’s Day is filled with the kind of special moments money can’t buy and you get a chance to make memories with the people you cherish.  (Oh, and chocolate, too!)
Happy quilting!

97 responses to “Hugs and Kisses! (And a Giveaway.)

  1. Debra Kay Neiman

    Sweet valentine and the runner is beautiful. crystalbluern at onlibeok dot com

  2. What a beautiful runner! I love it! I love that it’s a chance to think about the people that I love and then tell them what I think. 🙂

  3. Your table runner is gorgeous. I adore your tiny Valentine’s. Thank you sew very much for Hopping…

  4. Love your Table Runner!!! Glad too, you all were safe in the snow & icy conditions too!!

    I love all the Heart things on Valentine’s Day!! Love Hearts…and gather new ones every year! All sorts…dishes, dishtowels, stickers, etc. & fabrics of course!! lol

  5. Love your table runner! Chocolate of course is what I associate with Valentine’s. Perhaps that is why pink and brown go so well together.

  6. I love chocolates that come with Valentine’s Day. Love your table runner – love pink too!!

  7. Although chocolate is high on the list of favorites, for Valentine’s Day I love those little candy hearts with cute sayings on them! Luv U, Be Mine, So Sweet, etc. I even found a candy dish that looks like a candy heart! How sweet.

  8. That’s a very cute table runner. Isn’t it amazing how no two projects are alike, all starting with the same pattern choices? Favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is definitely the chocolate!

  9. Flowers and chocolate, that is what first comes to mind for Valentine’s Day for me. Very cute table runner. It’s always beautiful to spread love!

  10. Yummy table runner! My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is the day after when chocolates are 1/2 price, lol! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Lovely projects! We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day where I live, but the stores have started stacking up on hearts and chocolate, and I read in the newspaper that most of the restaurants are booked for that evening.

  12. Well, you did a lovely table runner with beau-ti-ful. fabrics!!! And given by DH, what a superbe idea! Love it!
    At least you had snow, we didn’t have any here in the middle of Switzerland, our sledges are still not touched this winter…..

  13. Wow! The table runner is beautiful… i love the quilting!! My favorite thing about Vday would have to be the chocolate 🙂

  14. Your table runner is beautiful! Perfect for Valentines Day. I love Sweetheart candies and Hershey Kisses!
    Thanks for sharing. That fabric looks yummy.
    xo jan

  15. Your table runner is so lovely. We don´t celebrate Valentine´s Day so much in Sweden. The flower shops and candy stores have their great day , but no special decorations in our homes.

  16. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, did I mention chocolate! 🙂

  17. I think that your table runner is as cute as can be, Valentines means that I have the perfect reason to shower my closest friends with little gifts tied up with pink shiny ribbons.

  18. Your table runner is so cute and I love all the swirly quilting 🙂

  19. Love your table runner – and of course chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate…hee.hee…

  20. well good morning…look at that…now that is one large runner…and to think your heart was poured into it and we all feel the sentiments…so lovely

  21. I like the chocolate candy and flowers on Valentines Day. Lovely table runner!

  22. Good Morning! We are snowed in the middle of a major winter storm! So glad to have access to the internet for visiting….praying the power stays on…with the threat of significant icing not sure how long that will last. I didn’t plan far enough in advance this year for Valentines….usually I make something special…cook everyone’s favorite meal…and yes…there is chocolate! Myself, prefer warm sunny days for Valentines Day, surrounded by friends and family with the music of laughter filling the air. 🙂

  23. Beth. That is so beautiful! And not to worry about photographing in the snow. Right now we are under about 10 inches of it with another 5-8 coming today. I love the pink and red with the florals. Nice job!

  24. The table runner is fantastic! I totally understand people’s concern about driving on the white stuff. I grew up in WV, so I practically learned to drive on the stuff. After college, I moved to OK and couldn’t understand why people couldn’t drive on the stuff – well, it’s not usually white so they don’t get the experience and what we get most is ICE! I don’t think there is a way to learn to drive on it! I’m trying to make everyday a special day and remind those I love that I do; remind my (adult) children how proud I am of them (my son still has issues and I try not to mention those) and try not to be a bitter old lady. I try to put a smile on my face and hopefully that will be exemplified in all my life, I have a choice. So, I think it’s great that we have a special day set aside to focus. Thanks for participating and bringing us lots of inspiration in many ways! The fabrics are beautiful.

  25. Your runner is gorgeous… Thank you for sharing in the hop.

  26. Lovely table runner…very pretty fabric. Our snow levels are not as high as they have been some years, but we sure are getting our share of cold weather!

  27. I love Valentine’s Day because it is a day set aside to celebrate the person that you love. Thanks!

  28. I love your runner Beth!
    I love hearts and pink too but hate the commercialisation!!

  29. Beth I love your runner. I love watching my middle schoolers exchange valentines. Some students get better gifts than teachers. Lol

  30. Your table runner is gorgeous! Valentines Day = chocolate for me lol.

  31. What a darling table runner. Great job. I don’t ‘do’ Valentines day, but I do love all the fun candy that goes on sale the day after 😉 LOL

  32. The table runner is a sweetheart of an addition to your table for that special Valentine’s dinner. I love all the flowers, especially roses, at Valentine’s Day and the kids that make the homemade valentines for their first love.

  33. very pretty! both your project AND the snow pictures 🙂

  34. Love the tablerunner – and I don’t drive on the white stuff either. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  35. Love your table runner and little valentines–all beautiful! My favorite thing is always chocolate but also the roses my husband always gets for me. Enjoy your day–and stay out of the snow and ice if you can. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Sweet table runner! Like most holidays, Valentines’ Day is a quiet affair. My favorite thing about it is the opportunity to send fun and happy cards off to my favorite people – yes, real mail!

  37. The runner says it all- perfect for Valentine’s Day!

    Am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day due to the big run up to it- takes away from what it means. What I do like about it is spending time with hubby and tomorrow we are going to Mass in honor of ST Valentine himself and will be viewing some of his relics!

  38. Beautiful table runner. Spending time with my husband is my favorite thing to do on Valentines Day. Doesn’t have to be anything special.

  39. I am a transplanted Florida girl. I love looking at the snow from the INSIDE of my window. I try not to drive in it, either! I really like your table runner. In fact, I like Valentines day because it reminds me of all the special ways my mother would decorate for our meals when we were growing up. I think it is a sweet holiday for showing loved ones how much they mean.

  40. I love your Love runner! 🙂 Valentines Day has not held a lot of joy for me — but who knows, that could change, right?! — but I do love the pink hearts and the happiness it seems to bring to my friends. 🙂

  41. Very pretty! The heart works perfectly in your design. I’m lukewarm on Valentine’s Day but is all about men pampering us women. So, I will try my best to enjoy it;-) svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  42. Your beautiful table runner is perfect for letting your family know how much you love them! Stay warm in all that white stuff!

  43. My favorite thing was when my son was little and he would make home made valentine’s cards for me. So sweet!

  44. It might be cold outside but all the love and warm hearts show in your runner! Too cute

  45. My favorite part is sending (and receiving!) Valentine cards.

  46. My favorite has to be the excuse to make guilty pleasure foods like cheese fondue or chocolate cake.

  47. Your table runner turned out super. Love you little cards too. Great Job!

  48. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    Love your projects, when I first looked at the table mat I thought it was a cake!

  49. I’m not a big Valentines person, but I’m with you on the chocolate!

  50. Aw, your pup looks sad that he didn’t get any candies from your daughter, 🙂 My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is that my husband and I make dinner together, we make a homemade heart-shaped pizza with the Appian Way crust mix. I think this year we’ll add a chocolate lava cake that is made in the microwave, since it’s one of the few things chocolate he’ll eat. You’re table runner is lovely, thank you for sharing, and for the giveaway!

  51. I’d have to say that some See’s candy would be high up on my “like” list. I love your runner. The fabric choices are wonderful.

  52. Quilting Tangent

    Nice scrappy heart on the table runner.

  53. The runner is beautiful. I never know what Valentine’s Day will bring from my husband. Could be anything from a card, a plant or something he has made. Thanks for the chance to win the fabrics.

  54. Very soft and pretty table runner. The Valentines are sew sweet! Thanks for sharing … my favorite Valentine’s Day is every one that I have shared with hubby of 32+ years … XOs from me to you … ❤ Pat

  55. That’s a pretty runner! I love valentine because it gives me an excuse to make cupcakes without having to feel guilty about it!

  56. How lovely. Such a beautiful runner.

  57. Hi,my favorite is sharing Chocolate with others!
    Thanks for sharing your pretty projects+giveaway!

  58. your projects are so perfect for Valentine’s day. I love pink too.
    We are getting snow in North Carolina as I write. 6″ so far.
    I love the chocolate of course but spending time with my hubby is a real “treat”

  59. Beautiful table runner!

  60. I love the table runner. I too love pink . Thanks for sharing. I love chocolate on Valentines.

  61. My favorite Valentines gift (other than chocolate) is that my DH discovered that I really enjoy live plants now that we are living in Mexico and I can have flowering plants outside all year long.

  62. I love to just to be able to go out and have dinner for Valentines.

  63. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate-oops! That’s three. I recently took a chocolate tasting tour and discovered that once I tasted really dark chocolate, it clouded my palate and even drinking water in between, I still had difficulty distinguished different levels of the heavenly palate pleaser. So I’ve learned at least one good thing: find the degree of dark chocolate you like and stick with it! No harm in that. Happy Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing your “heartful” project.

  64. What a wonderful addition to your Valentine celebration. You did a wonderful job.

  65. Great, great runner. Did you say candy store? That’s up my alley!

  66. Your table runner is so lovely! The fabrics are pretty!
    I love the decorations at Valentine’s Day.

  67. Such pretty fabrics in your table runner. I like the quilting you did on it too. The thing I like best about Valentine’s Day is watching people who forgot or waited until the last minute to buy a card, or flowers, or chocolate, etc. for those special loved ones. The second thing I like best about it is that my birthday is the day before so I get two celebrations.

  68. BEAUTIFUL table runner!! I love the teapot and the teacup on it 🙂

    Thank you so much for joining the blog hop!

  69. Your runner is beautiful! Spending time with my hubby is a favorite, followed by valentine’s candy, and lots of pink and red all around! 🙂

  70. Very nice table runner. I like the heart. I think my favorite part of Valentines is just spending time with my husband. Of course the dance event we’re going to this weekend is pretty cool too.

  71. Love your fabric and love the way you celebrate the day.

  72. Beautiful work!
    Happy valentine to you ☺

  73. I love the table runner! So pretty with all the pink and the curlicue quilting. 🙂

    We don’t do a lot for Valentine’s Day around here, but I really like getting little treats for my kids and my husband.

  74. Your table runner is beautiful! Since chocolate is my favorite food group, what is there not to like about Valentine’s Day? That put aside, as an elementary school teacher I loved February for the opportunity to teach about love, friendship, caring and sharing. Now retired my focus is special treats for my grandson, husband and other family members.

  75. Your table runner is gorgeous. Love the fabric you used.

  76. What a wonderful job!!! The fabrics and the stitching is quite lovely

  77. What a sweet runner. What I like about Valentines Day is the chocolate…just like you, and of course maybe a glass of nice wine!

  78. Lovely runner. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day. I love the red and pink foil wrapped Hershey’s kisses or Dove hearts which are wrapped in the red and pink foil.

  79. Love your table runner it will look beautiful on your table . My husband came home with pink roses yesterday and I probably get some chocolates. Happy Valentines Day.

  80. What a beautiful, Valentine table runner! Yes, place mats would look perfect with it. I’m sure your table will look extra special for your family tomorrow. I love the whole idea of sharing love with others, especially on Valentine’s Day.

  81. Me too, I love pink! That’s a super idea to do “hearts” for your dinner – how cute. The table runner is going to look splendid. I wondering how to get my husband to buy me fabric; you’ve got quite the catch there!!!

  82. Very pretty! I love roses at Valentine’s Day.

  83. I love red and love Valentine’s Day too. I just gave my husband some Hot Tamales candy and told him he was my very own “Hot Tamale!”. He loved it and promptly ate the whole box.

  84. Your table runner is pretty! I love chocolate, pink, and red. Thanks for sharing.

  85. You made a wonderful table runner! I especially like the quilting and the colours. And this is what I love in Valentine’s day the most: these colours – red, pink – are my favorites.

  86. This is just beautiful and a lovely runner for Valentines Day! Sweet as candy!

  87. Wonderful table runner and small quilts-You are so special and kind to give away – thank you for the chance to win

  88. Flowers from my sweetie. Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. Your runner turned out wonderful. Nice job!

  90. We do not celebrate Valentines day that much here in Norway, but I am always ready for chocolate and fabric 😉

    jachelno at gmail dot com

  91. I love the pink of Valentines Day too and Also made a runner for the table a great way to celebrate.

  92. Beautiful runner. Pink is one of my favorite colors.

  93. You did a nice job on the runner! It’s nice to have seasonal decor for the table.

  94. Very pretty runner. Great job!

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