“A Miracle of Hope” is a Nice Romance Although Perhaps Not-so-Amish?


I really don’t mind recycling old story plots as long as they are well executed.   In the case of “A Miracle of Hope,”  the  story line plays out the “marriage of convenience turns to true love” plot with enough skill to make it an enjoyable read.  I wonder how necessary it was for it to be an Amish story? There were many pieces of dialogue, etc., where I wondered how the characters really tallied with real-world Amish.  Now, I’m no expert on the Amish other than a couple of non-fiction books I’ve read but there were a few times I wondered why the author choose an Amish setting for the book at all.  The story could have worked nicely in other settings as well.  The characters, however, were enjoyable and the book was a nice “comfortable afternoon before the fire” kind of read.  This book fits nicely into the light romance category and it suitable for high school grades and up.  It’s not going to set the pond on fire, as they say, but it is a satisfying love story with a sweet taste to it.  I’d give this one a solid four out of five for general readability, fresh characters and a nicely developed (if well-used) plot.

This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson for this review.  The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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