Snow Daze (and goal setting.)

Whew, what a busy few days! I’m not sure quite where the first week of February went. We did have the excitement of a few flakes of snow which, even by Oregon standards wasn’t much. Today, however, there’s a storm warning and, in Oregon fashion, we are panicking.  Well, not me personally, but the schools are closing two hours early and my husband just gassed up our truck and said the lines were long…I think I can hear the East Coast giggling at us already!  Here’s a photo of all the snow we got earlier this week.


So far, I’ve only made one block for February, the oven mitt for the retro kitchen (technically, I finished it at 11:39 on January 31st but couldn’t get it to upload so I think I’ll count it as my first block for February.


I was trying to make something that would work with the teapot block I had tested but, to be honest, I’m not thrilled with it.  I’m planning to re-make it with a softer background and a few more vivid prints.  This one isn’t going to waste, though, I’m picturing the quilt label sewing right onto the pot-holder part.

I’ve also been treadling some and piecing a couple of lap robes for our guild’s charity arm.  My goal is to finish both this weekend so that I can turn them in on Monday.  I’m still working on my accurate 1/4″ seam allowance on the treadle.  My next move is paper piecing with it!

Now, for my goals for February.  Well, there’s the Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop project (you’ll just have to wait to see.)  Then there’s a baby boy quilt that is my #1 for the Country Thread UFO game and, since I gave myself a easy and a harder option, my other option was my Jamestown Landing.  I doubt I can get it done and quilted this month but I could get it to the flimsy stage, I hope.  Oh, and I have to get my ruffles together, too.  Whew!  That’s a lot for three more weeks.  I guess I’d better get busy.  Oh, and book reviews…except an onslaught.  I’ve read some marvelous (and some less-than-marvelous) books lately that I’m eager to share!

Here’s a photo of Jamestown Landing in its current state…


If all goes well, there will be flimsy and a Toy Story baby quilt instead by month end!  What’s on your list for February?


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