“She Who Sews” and a Giveaway!


Yay! It’s my day! Ok, I know, I’m on the second day but I’ve been so excited about this hop! First, because the fabric from Quilting Treasures is adorable. Second, because I just have the most fun on these blog hops! Which, of course, wouldn’t happen without the wonderful Madam Samm and Cheerleader Carla from Creatin’ in the Sticks and Quilting Treasures.

So, there was a little delay in this fabric and I was totally in fabric-stalker mode trying to find it and then I walked into my local shop and there it was!  I happy danced out of there with three prints and a plan.   Like a lot of my plans, it went a little differently than I expected, but in a good way.  I ended up with three projects and here they are.

First, here’s a picture of my featherweight, naked and alone.  Pretty sad, right?


And here she is with her new accessories…


A new cover, a matching pincushion and a tiny tote bag to hold rotary cutters and such.  Here’s a closeup of the  smaller items along with my favorite Eiffel Tower scissors.


Now, to give credit where credit is due, the paper-pieced Featherweight is a free pattern from Artisania, the pincushion is a link that Bonnie Hunter shared from Moda Bake Shop here, and the little gift tote is from P.S. I Quilt.  Don’t you just love the internet for quilting?

So, here’s my question for you.  I’m loving my first cover and need to make them for the two upstairs machines.  They both sit down in their tables so, if you were making covers, would you make them full height or just the height of the dropped-down machine?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts and Mr. Random will choose on winner for these three fat quarters. (I love international comments, too, and will ship internationally.)


Now, be sure to hop on to the rest of today’s very talented crew and see what they’ve been up to.  I’m sure I’ll have a whole new list of “want-to-do’s” after the hop is done!

January 29th

Words & Stitches – You are here!
Happy Quilting,
Oh, and for  a second chance to win, check out my Grow Your Blog Post here.

93 responses to ““She Who Sews” and a Giveaway!

  1. The size of the machine covers should probably be determined by how they spend most of their time – are they generally down in the hole or sitting up on top? Elephant legs or high water really isn’t fashionable!! Love what you made for the hop! Thanks for sharing the love with your followers and readers 🙂

  2. i put a ruffle on one of mine so it could spread out.

  3. Beth 😉 how wonderful to see you on the hop 🙂 …. I believe if it were me, I would make it tall because either way, up or down, the cover would fit the machine ….which is the most important function, right? I love your scissors by the way 😉 … thank you for sharing and happy hoppin!!

  4. I love your delightful machine cover! I would make a cover full height. The bottom edge could always be folded under. Thanks so much for sharing your fun creations. This fabric is fabulous!

  5. Love your machine cover, pincushion, and rotary cutter bag. Great projects! I like Barbara’s idea of adding a ruffle. If you make it full size it will stand up and cover all, and with the ruffle it will fan out at the bottom when it is down in the hole. Seems very practical and pretty all at once!

  6. That is just the cutest! I also heard that Ruffles were always a great idea. 🙂 I would just make them drop down length. Beautiful work, Beth!!

  7. Your Singer cover and accessories are wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pattern links. Looks like you have some great advice for making the covers for your other machines. Looking forward to seeing the covers for these too … 🙂 Pat

  8. Your Featherweight looks sew warm and cozy in her new quilt! I would make the other covers the height of the drop down. Thank you for sharing.

  9. That machine looks a lot better with it’s new dressing. So happy and colorful. Those scissors are so cool. I would make my cover to fully cover it. I would rather it be too tall than ready for high water. I like Amy’s idea of ruffles at the bottom. Then it’s always right.
    Thanks for hopping. Nice projects.

  10. Love your projects! I’d make the other covers the height of the drop down. You can always make it longer by adding a ruffle with velcro or buttons if you change your mind.

  11. pssst fabric is from Quilting Treasures…I used to make the same mistake…heading to bed..will be back in the am wink

  12. What a great sewing machine cover – and love the tote and pincushion. You are so clever. We think it would be better longer rather than shorter – if you made it with ruffles as the others suggest you could make them for the ruffle blog hop.

  13. Cute projects!

  14. Debra Kay Neiman

    Oh, I just love these…my husband needs a hobby fast, since I will be busy sewing up all these wonderful things for my sewing room. I agree, Ruffles would just solve the problem. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  15. What a fun cover!!! I think I’d make it for the full height 🙂

  16. I love your accessories for your neat Featherweight. The covers for you other sewing machines depend of how you mostly have the machines.
    I love my Featherweight too, I think maybe I should make some accessories
    to her, named Henrietta.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  17. Adorable projects. Your featherweight now has a coat. She’ll always be warmed up and ready to go. Thanks for participating.

  18. Lovely job! I think you would only need the covers to come down to the top of the table. Thanks for sharing today.

  19. What clever sewing accessories! I would make the new covers just the height of the dropped down machine.

  20. I love that machine cover and am going to make me one. I neverput my machine away so it is sitting out open.

    I would make it fully to cover… that way if you wanted to leave it open, you could.

  21. I am unable to choose so would make both in different colours, I did that for my machines. I put pockets on the back and sides to hold any small pieces that need to be kept together.

  22. I think I would go with full height if it could go on the dropped down machine that way. That way it still works if you move the machine. The cover you made is really cute!

  23. Beautiful cover, every Featherweight deserves one ( I made one for mine too)
    I made one for my Bernina 750 too, full high, but only two layers of fabric, no batting, it fit well in every posision.

  24. What a great set of projects! They’re really nice. I would make a full-height cover.

  25. Lovely projects and thank you for the links. I think the size of the cover would be determined by the way your machine most frequently sits.

  26. If you always leave the machines in the drop in tables, I’d make the covers shorter to fit them. Partly because it will look better, but mostly because it will save fabric, which you can then use for something else!

  27. Beautiful pieces….I would make it the drop down size. the cover looks wonderful

  28. What great sewing room projects, I think I’d make a tall cover but make it reversible so I could turn up a ‘cuff’ when the cover needed to be short – hope that makes sense.

  29. great pieces there Beth…and your Singer PP is divine…

  30. A sewing machine cover is on my To Do List – although I cover mine with a special linen cloth that was a dear family friend and I know that she would be tickled knowing so! My suggestion is to make it full height because I’m betting that your machine is out of the hole more often than in it!!

  31. Nothing better than internet finds for our projects! Accept maybe those projects done in Handmaids fabric. I love your new sewing treasures. Thanks for the links!

  32. I would make the covers just the height of what is above the table if the machines are in tables most of the time. Cute projects!

  33. Cute, cute projects! Your Featherweight cover is just perfect! blessings, marlene

  34. Love that cover and the little matching goodies, great job!

  35. Love the cover that you made, I think I need one

  36. How cute!!! Great job!!
    I would make the cover full size. I like the idea of a ruffle at the bottom that can either cover the base or ruffle out on the table.

  37. So Cute your projects are ! The sewing machine button and your Eiffel Tower scissors are sew cute too !

  38. Well, those projects sure do pretty that already gorgeous little girl right up!! Oh, and I love those scissors!

  39. Lucky Singer to get a trio of accessories! The pin cushion is too cute for words. About your question: I agree with many of the above commenters that the length of the cover should probably be determined by how the machine spends most of its time (atop the table or dropped). Good question. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  40. would make it for the full height of the machine.

    LOVE your offerings!

  41. I would make it a cover if it sets out a lot, and then only make it the height of the machine. I have a featherweight that was my moms, and when not sewing it stays in its case.Love your cover .

  42. What a fabulous sewing machine cover! I would make one full size!
    array-dawn at cox dot net

  43. Well, if you’re like me and leave your machines in their tables (dropped down mode) I would only make them that tall! Love the little tote, I may need to throw one together for myself here soon, I’m finding I move around a lot and need to carry everything with me when I do! Thank you for sharing!

  44. Super projects and it makes your Featherweight’s corner look so bright and cheery. Who would not want to sew there? My machines just sit on top of their table/desks and I really don’t know exactly what you mean about the height of the other covers. Hopefully, you’ll get some input from others ‘who know’. PS I’d have loved to see you doing the happy dance out of the store. lol

  45. I love your cover – I’d make further covers full size!

  46. Your Featherweight looks so much better now that she’s dressed. Love the appliqued “Singer” on it! Great accessories to go with it, too.

  47. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    If your machines are covered when in drop down mode then I would make a full cover so that when they are UP on your surface they are fully covered. Will the cover fit even when in drop down mode? Mine does! Lovely pieces and thanks for the giveaway. Sewingblogsarefun@yahoo.com

  48. I think I would make tall covers, even if you can’t see it all when the machine is up. I love the cover you made for your featherweight.

  49. You are inspiring me to make the cover my machine needs!

  50. Looks like the majority like the full height, and so do I.

  51. Lovely sewing machine cover! I really like the pin cushion and little bag too. If you ever take your machines anywhere, you may want the full height of the machine for covers. If you don’t, I would make it from the table top.

  52. Well I guess I am weird because I would make one of each. A tall one that could be folded under and a short one. Then you would have the tall one when you need it. Love your projects – great job. xo jan

  53. Hello there – I am crazy about the transformation and the trio that you created with our She Who Sews fabric collection! Very nice job. I am honored that our Handmaids™ series will now be a pretty cover for your featherweight. Thank you for sharing these today. ~ J. Wecker Frisch

  54. I love your projects. I think I would make them the full height.

  55. Connie Campbell

    What cute projects and a perfect cover for your Featherweight!!

  56. Very cute projects, Beth. You did an awesome job. I think I would make the other covers for the machines the full height of the machines. Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway.

  57. Oh, how perfectly adorable! Love the cover, well done! And your cathedral pincushion and bag… all such cute sewing room accessories. Wonderful use of this adorable fabric.

  58. To have a Featherweight machine and a “She Who Sews” cover must be bliss. Your projects are wonderful. Thank you sew much for Hopping…

  59. Hi!!! I bet your machines will be so happy!!!! Very cute creations!!!!

  60. I think you should make it the full height. That way it would fit no matter if it was up or down.

  61. Very cute accessories. i would make the next covers longer, you could always roll up the edge if you decided later you wanted it shorter.

  62. Beautiful! Love that red peaking out of the pincushion. All your projects are stunning!

  63. Your projects are wonderful! If I were to make a cover I would make it full height. Thank you for sharing today, love your scissors!

  64. You will get more mileage out of your cover if you make it longer but I have one that is shorter that I can put on any of my 5 machine while down in the table. ( I got a true carrying case for the one I had used it on) I bet you get an evenly divided response to your question, LOL.

    You did very well on your featherweight cover and its accessories!

  65. What great projects! I would make it longer because I am too lazy to every put mine away and it really should be covered. 🙂

  66. I would make the cover for the full size. I love your Singer cover, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  67. Oh your little feather weight should be so happy and feeling so loved. Wonderful job on all of the pieces.

  68. Love your projects! I would make it longer. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  69. I would make it the full height. I love the extra goodies you made.

  70. Love the cover you made. The little tote for the tread and cutter is sew cute. I would make the other covers to full size.

  71. Love your cover for your featherweight!! I think if I were making a cover for a machine that sits in a cabinet, I guess I’d only make the cover for the part that isn’t protected by the cabinet.

  72. Sandra Davidson

    Love your projects especially your machine cover, I made one for a friend and I had to take apart and add one more strip it wasn’t wide enough so I decided it was better to make them larger.good idea about ruffle

  73. I love the projects that you have made. They are just too cute!

  74. That’s a great set you have made. I am admiring them all the way from japan!

  75. I love what you did for your featherweight! For the other two, I think you’re mostly protecting the machines, not the cabinets so I would make it just the height of the machine.

  76. My vote is just the height of the drop down machine. The cover is super cute, but so is the bag and the pin cushion. Thanks for sharing.

  77. I love everything you did, but the tote is definitely my fav.. With the sewing machine covers, I would create them in the height you use most often. If you put the machine away after each use, then use that one, if you just cover it like I do with mine, then I’d do it in that height. I don’t have cabinets to put my machines down in, so I would do the total height. 🙂

  78. You pose a good question. I plan to make a cover, but had not considered that issue yet. Altho my machine is always recessed, perhaps I will do a cuff at the bottom for ‘just in case.’ –Linda

  79. Great projects! I would make them the size with them in the cabinet. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  80. Such a cute cover! My old Singer is jealous 🙂

  81. I would make them the size of the machine when it is out of the cabinet. The covers are always sew cute so you need to display them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. I’ make it full height so it would fit either way.

  83. All your items are just so cute! Great job! Me I would make a cover for what is out of the table, unless you always leave the up and them full size!

  84. Your Singer accessories look wonderful! I would make the other covers full height. You might want a ruffle at the bottom especially if you signed up for the Think Ruffles hop.

  85. I think I would make the covers full height I love that cover. Thanks for sharing

  86. Love the way your projects turned out. I made an “open on the ends “cover for my Bernina and it is quick and easy to throw on at the end of a sewing session. The width should be as wide as the machine but the length can be what you want…a ruffled edge would be cute. I guess its more like a table runner for the machine ! It is quick and easy to use…so it gets put on the machine more often then not.

  87. Love all of your sewing room creations. If the machines will always be set in a table then I would make it to fit that way. You can always add a ruffle later if you ever decide to leave the sewing machine on top of a table.

  88. I love the fabrics you’ve used on those sewing accessories. I think I would make the cover full height, but it depends on how the machine is usually situated.

  89. Charlene McCullough

    Love your idea and especially the fabric. It’s just so much fun. Love the Cathedral window pincushion. I’d make mine the height of the machine only. I have to modify it to hold necessary pieces. Thanks for the chance to win material.

  90. Charlene McCullough

    I also checked out your post about the Grow Your Blog. I love you cat pictures. I too have cats that manage to find my iced tea and have a drink. Thanks for sharing everything.

  91. I love your projects! I did see a site that made a cover for the plate so when you lift it to store it then it won’t get scratched…

  92. creativeinstincts

    Nice to see the giveaway…I recently made a cover for my sewing machine. I would always prefer full height…it solves both purposes 🙂

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