A Quilt Tale (or is that a quilt with a tail? And a Winner!)

I used to have a yellow Lab named Spot, no seriously.  (My favorite one-liner is, “I put spot remover on my dog and now he’s gone.”) Spot had one trick in life and that was that he could retrieve his dish.  He didn’t retrieve sticks, wouldn’t fetch anything but his dish and that was the first thing he did when someone came in the door.  I’m a lot like Spot.  I have one trick, quilting, and it’s my go-to when anything happens in life.  Well, this last couple of weeks, a very dear woman I know got hit with a terrible blood infection and has had to undergo triple amputation (think like a terrible frostbite case and you’ll have the gist of it.)

Just like Spot getting his dish, I had to make a quilt.  I thought long and hard about what to make that would be quick and comforting.  I thought about a flannel jammies quilt but that didn’t seem to fit.  Next I thought maybe something elegant and feminine as the mothers of all boys always seem to say they lack that in their surroundings.  Finally, I hit on the perfect idea.  My friend is all about people.  She’s one of the kindest and most generous souls you’ll meet and so I decided on an Autograph Quilt.  A quilt with lots of white space so people could sign it.


Here it is in its pre-signed version.  That’s Griffie inspecting my workmanship (a quilt with a tail.)    Here’s close-up.

DSCN2724I’ll admit, it made me a little nervous at the thought of unleashing pens on the quilt but the first group of signatures (from the high school band kids where she volunteers) have been added and the quilt is coming alive with love and good wishes.  It’s back at the school now after an overnight at my friend’s work and later I’ll post a photo of it with all the signatures.  I’ll deliver it tonight along with the pens so that visitors to the hospital (as well as doctors and nurses, etc.) can sign it.  There’s a long journey ahead but I hope that my “one trick” will bring some smiles and comfort along the way.

And, of course, when the call came out on the Dear Jane group on Facebook that one of our members had lost her sewing room in a flood (along with 200 completed blocks), I had to send a couple along.  Being newer to DJ, I choose simple blocks and made two for me, two for her.  (Only to realize that I’d already made one of these…pincushion, perhaps?)  These blocks with the eight (no, not nine) string blocks bring my January block total up to 77 plus two blocks you’ll be seeing on tomorrow’s hop and I’m at 79…whew, that sounds like a lot!  (But there’s still so many to do…how does that happen?)


And, now that you know what I’ve been doing all week, may I announce the winner of the Kona Blog Hop?  I’ll be sending the four fat quarters to the author of comment #145.  My apologies for not being able to respond to every comment.  I did I knew you’d all understand when you knew what I was working on.

Now, I’ve got my projects made, my photos taken and I just have to step out and get a few fat quarters for prizes for tomorrow.  Be sure to check back and be sure to check out my Grow Your Blog Giveaway here.

Just because I’m a certified Cat Concierge, I had to show you this picture of Gizmo at the treadle.  Doesn’t he look like he’s ready to sew?


Happy quilting!


One response to “A Quilt Tale (or is that a quilt with a tail? And a Winner!)

  1. Oh, I hope your friend is in a fighting spirit. Prayers for her. I think quilting keeps a lot of us sane. Keep on keeping on!!

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