Grow Your Blog! (And a Giveaway)


First, my apologies for this post going up late.  Our life has been slightly off-kilter as we’ve been dealing with a few of life’s unexpected bumps in the  road.  But, here I am at the party, better late than never, right? I’m so excited to participate in this hop courtesy of 2 Bags Full.

So, if you’re new here, who am I?  Well, my tag line on my email signature reads, “Writer, Mother, Quilter, Cat Concierge” and that pretty much sums me up!  I love books, fabric, cats and of course my family and friends most of all!  I’ve been making quilts for over thirty years and have way too many things in progress at any one time!

This week, I’ve been having a little trouble with the trusty Featherweight that lives on my kitchen desk and so I’ve pulled out the treadle to finish off some string blocks for Bonnie Hunter’s Jamestown Landing quilt. These were going to be the last 9 of them but,  guess what, there were only eight!


The treadle and the Featherweight aren’t my only machines, there are seven other machines living at my house at last count including my two trusty Berninas and a 1932 Jones hand crank.  (I’m a total newbie with PPM’s – people powered machines – but I love them!)  Most of them are just “petters” as I do 80% of all my quilting on the Berninas.

I also adore books and review quite a few of them on my blog.  Mostly, I pick books to review that I think I’ll like but occasionally I have to get out the big guns and blast an author…usually someone writing historical fiction without any regard for history!  Some of my favorite authors are Ivan Doig, Sandra Dallas, Jane Kirkpatrick and Louisa May Alcott.

My most recent finish was this one for the Kona Blog Hop and it pretty much sums up my approach to life right now.


Now, for the giveaway, since I’m running behind, I’m going to do a slightly different giveaway.  I’ll send four mystery fat quarters to one randomly selected commenter.  All you need to do is tell me what color you would choose for your fat quarters.  (Please don’t confuse me with colors like chartruese…simple things like red, green, purple, or my personal favorite pink are more my speed!)  I’ll get Mr. Random to choose on the 15th of February.

And, just because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share at least one kitty picture with you…here’s Jack helping himself to my water when I thought I had a “safe” place to put it.  Now I bring a water bottle upstairs with me when I sew…but I still bring a glass of water for the cats!  They have me so well trained!


Happy quilting and thanks for hopping by!


57 responses to “Grow Your Blog! (And a Giveaway)

  1. You have been busy with two hops back to back. Can’t wait to see Jamestown Landing after it’s done as black and white always makes a stunning quilt. I think I would pick pink as my choice for the fat quarters as one can never have enough pink.

  2. i quilt so i love every color, thanks , i follow

  3. I also adore pink, along with 4 of my girls, so pink is always in high demand in my quilts! Thank you for the opportunity to win some more pink!!

  4. I like that saying!!! Mysteries favorite color would be in the blue tones!! Jack is a hoot!!

  5. Hi,

    I like the black and white fabrics yu are using in your blocks especially the one with the owls and spiderwebs. Your Carry On Quilting quilt has some of my favourite colours, lemon yellow, bubble gum pink and turquoise. Throw in some black and white for fun in another project and see what you get.

    Have fun with the blog hop.

  6. My cat Grady likes to drink out of glasses too. Would love to win some pink fabrics – thanks for the chance.

  7. I know how life gets in the way!! So no apologies needed here!
    If I were to win the f/q’s it I would leave that up to you. I like you color selections! All I can say is I am not so much into pale colors!

  8. I like blues and greens .

  9. I too am a pinkaholic!! Thanks for the great post!

  10. 🙂 You kitty reminds me of the 3 furry friends living at our house…all drinks must be guarded at all times around here…..right now I am crushing on aqua.

  11. Cat Concierge! I love it and anyone a cats owned, knows its so true………..after 20+ years in cat rescue that title fits me way better than cat woman ( at my age and weight!!) I may have to borrow it – please!
    Im sticking around for more posts.
    I had an all white once too, cute as a button but quite daft.
    He escaped out of a bathroom window when we d moved from a bungalow to a house, and I was keeping the cats in for a couple of weeks.
    Found him stunned outside the back door…………bathroom was upstairs of course and that was first for him!!
    He survived to go play each day with wild rabbits in a nearby field, I swear it was like watching them play tag……….lol so funny.
    Any lilacs- purples for me pse………… : )

  12. okay how do I follow you pse?
    no obvious links to click???

    • Hi Lyn, thanks for the reminder! I tried to get a Bloglovin’ button before and it didn’t work and got set on my “figure this one out later” pile and now I figured it out!

  13. Okay using FB —- panic over lol

  14. Love your quilts! I have a singer 401 ( big sister to the featherweight). I can’t imagine using a treadle. I am not that coordinated. I would love greens. I am collecting for a quilt.

  15. Cheeky cat! Animals always seem to find ways of getting to what they want! Cheeky but we love them don’t we? I’m a purple girl. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. Hi Beth
    I’m visiting from England and I love green!

  17. I would choose purple, lime green, red, and a moss green.

  18. Debra Kay Neiman

    Hello, New Follower. I am having fun finding new bloggers to follow…love sewing and quilting. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  19. Hi Lyn, just stopping in from the GYB party. It is so fun to meet others and view their skills. I would choose blue-green, yellow, pink, and red.
    Drop by for a chance to win my fabulous fifty giveaway.

  20. Good Day, I’m finally getting the chance to stop by your GYB Party and I’m having a great time. First I’ve learned that I am a Cat Concierge to our two girls. Then I was so excited to find another person who has Jane Kirkpatrick as one of their favorite authors that I let out a squeal that woke two of our girls, so now I’m getting the evil cat and doggie glare. To pick one color is so hard, but I would have to say green. You never have enough green when your a quilter right? I look forward to reading your blog and checking out all the hops. Have a wonderful day, Toni

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  22. Okay, keeping it simple. Purple!

  23. Hi,
    Visiting from GYBP. I’m also running a little late checking out blogs as I just got home from a quilting retreat. Love your blog. BYW, my fav color——red.

  24. I can always use neutrals! I know, boring right!

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  26. Hi, so nice to meet you here. I am not a quilter or even a needle worker (not sure if that is such a person) but your blog is great. Hope to see you soon. Happy hopping!

  27. Purple! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely blog, and the kitty pictures!

  28. Better late than never, Beth. So glad you figured it out so we could get to know you. Love your most recent finish. I bought fabric that has all those kinds of sayings on it. Thought I’d make mug rugs – now maybe I’ll make a small quilt. Off to follow you on Bloglovin’

  29. My wee kitty likes to drink from my water glass too. The beagle prefers my teacup. I love blues and greens and anything in between. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I have been a follower for some time and always enjoy visiting. Choosing a color is hard for me. I guess blues are my favorites.

  31. Greetings from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. I like blues & greens. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  32. I love blues and bright colors.

  33. I have 2 Berninas also, but those are my only sewing machines. I love red and yellow. Thank you!

  34. Your photo of Jack cracked me up! I was talking to my daughter the other day about orange fabric, and I realised that there is not one piece of orange fabric in my stash. So if I won that giveaway I’d ask for orange (In fact my birthday was last week, and my lovely daughter slipped a couple of orange FQ in with the other goodies. Bless her, no I’m no longer orangeless). I am here from NSW Central Coast, Australia, via the GYB party.

  35. Loved the picture of your cat. We have one and she is always making us laugh. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  36. thistlecovefarm

    I adore old sewing machines and have a few as well. Love the photo of the cat drinking from your glass…yes, we humans are easily trained and, in my case, easily entertained.

  37. Just visiting from the GYB party. Love your projects and wow, more than one blog hop at once – keep up the great work!

  38. Love you quilts. My daughter loves the Lego Spiderman!
    Thanks for sharing your blog. I’m still trying to make it to all of the blogs (GYB). What a list! please check out my embroidery blog is you are so inclined. (I’m in the 1st set of the GYB links.)

  39. Hi Beth! I’m visiting from Malaysia, love your blog..and thanks for the chance with the giveaway. I love blue color:)

  40. Hi there! looove your Blog! & your quilting is Awesome!! Love your kitty drinkin your water!! My 2 daughter’s both have kittie”s that do the same thing! And the one shares yougurt, popcorn, even pineapple with two of hers! lol
    I love any shades of blues & greens both, Thanks! 🙂

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  42. I am into blues right now. 🙂 Gotta love those cats! Loving your blog.

  43. Clever cat. My go to colour at the moment is green, it sneaks in to every project. I am making quilts for the Red Cross right now and steaming through my scrap mountain.

  44. Cat concierge is perfect. I am going to send a link to your blog to a friend who is also a cat concierge. She will love it. My UNgo to color is pink. I have a hard time using it so that is my personal challenge this year. Use More Pink. I opened the stash drawer and found that I don’t use it because I don’t have it! LOL…Next time I go to the quilt store, I promise to come home with at least one pink fat quarter.

  45. Love your Keep Calm quilt! If I were lucky enough to win I would choose pink FQs since today I’m working on a girl baby quilt and all about pink!

  46. Pink is it for me!

  47. Rose Marie Andreozzi

    Love your little wallhanging…Keep Calm and Quilt On…I am inspired to make one myself!

  48. I’d choose blue, I think.

  49. Quilting Tangent

    Love the saying. Yellow is my choice.

  50. I love your saying. I think I would choose pink. Thanks for sharing

  51. You’re never safe when cats are around. Nice string blocks. I especially like that fabric with the owls and the spiderwebs. I would choose blue I think. It’s so hard to choose a favorite. Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite color is teal but I like red too.

  53. Oh, if we could only finish all of those projects we begin! I would choose green. It is my favorite and is the color of my eyes. Thanks for sharing about yourself!

  54. The kitty looks so precariously balanced there…too funny! It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog! I just added you to my Bloglovin roll so I don’t miss a thing. 😊

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