The Return of the Sew-Jo!

On Wednesday, my daughter called me.  “Mom, did you make a doctor’s appointment?”

“Well,” I replied, “Not yet.  You see, every morning I wake up thinking I feel just a little better than the day before.  So, if something happens to me, you can just tell people your mom died of optimism!”  My nursing student was unamused by my quip.  However, I have been getting better as evidenced by the second set of quilt blocks I finished on Thursday (and the ten more in progress from Friday.)  I tallied it up and that puts me at 39 finished blocks so far for the month of January.  (I decided that letters should be counted by the word as blocks, not the letter.  True to form, I spent an inordinate amount of time debating if that should really be phrases or lines but words won.)


When I finish the ten on the machine now (I chain piece them) then I will be left with less than twenty of these to finish and I’ll be able to start quilt assembly on my Jamestown Landing quilt. You can see a photo of Bonnie’s quilt on Pinterest here.


In the meantime, here’s a not-very-good photo of my Sarah when we were leaving to take her to the airport for Italy!  She’s doing a short study abroad with school.  3 weeks in Italy (starting in Rome, ending in Milan) followed by  some time in London and Paris.  I can’t even begin to say how excited I am for her!  And, yes, I think I really will call the doctor on Monday (after quilt guild.) Otpimsim, it turns out, can only take you so far in fighting a nasty bug!

Happy quilting,


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