Wake Up to Kona Blog Hop!

The finished product is going to be a surprise but in honor of the kick-off of the Wake Up to Kona Blog Hop, I’m giving a sneak peek of my project….I have to admit that I hoped to be further along than this but that’s what happens when you change your plan right in the middle!


Here’s a complete schedule for the hop and, remember, I still have my giveaway of a Craftsy Cooking class in the post below this one!

Happy hopping…I can’t wait to see what everyone has to share!


Day 1 – January 7
Day 2 – January 8
Day 3 – January 9
Day 4 – January 10
Day 5 – January 13
Day 6 – January 14
Day 7 – January 15
Day 8 – January 16
Day 9 – January 17
Words & Stitches (That’s Me!)
Day 10 – January 20
Day 11 – January 21

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