A Craftsy Cooking Review (and a Free Class Giveaway)

A few weeks ago, I was given a chance to review one of Crafty’s new cooking classes.  Now, if you’re not familiar with Craftsy, they are a sort of creative hub with patterns, classes and ideas for all sorts of creative endeavors from quilting and sewing to beading, knitting, crocheting, painting and more.  They provide a great opportunity for boutique designers to share their designs and some of my favorites like Kristy from Quiet Play, Michelle from the Quilting Gallery and Whims & Fancies are all Craftsy designers.  You can access Craftsy from anywhere you can get on the web.  I like my Kindle because it sits beside my sewing table easier than my PC and, for the cooking class, nestles nicely in my kitchen window.


So why talk about a cooking class when this blog is primarily about books and quilting?  Well, let’s face it, you have to throw food on the table from time to time so your family is inspired to buy you fabric, right?  If you’re younger than I am (and about 1/2 the world is these days), then you probably didn’t learn to cook in any formal kind of setting. I’m just old enough to have had to endure a quarter of Home Ec cooking class.  Mostly, I learned from trial and error and recipes those things I didn’t learn from Mom.  So, why take a Craftsy cooking class?  Well, the classes appealed to me because I could take them in MY kitchen on MY schedule and focus on MY interests.

For my test class, I choose “Mastering the Braise” with Molly Stevens.  This class focuses on how to get great flavor out of slow-cooked meats (not meats in the slow-cooker, by the way, but slowly cooked on the stove top or in a Dutch oven.)  With our family planning to follow a more Paleo diet this year, I figured this class would be helpful.  I was terrifically impressed with my class.  Not only was it entertaining to watch (with the added bonus of being able to back it up if I didn’t get something), but Molly covered not only technique but theory.  She explained why certain meats worked for slow cooking and not others and what pans where necessary to get the right results.   She demonstrated the techniques with three recipes, one with chicken, one with beef and one with pork.  The great thing about this class is that I didn’t come away feeling like I’d learned three recipes…I came away feeling like I’d learned a whole new technique for cooking and ready to make up some recipes of my own, too!  I’d highly reccomend this class for anyone wanting to improve their options for working with meats.  (The added bonus is that many of the cuts suitable for slow cooking are the less-expensive cuts.)  Now, if you’d like a chance to try a Craftsy cooking class yourself, just click here to enter.  A winner will be drawn on January 22nd.  If you’d prefer not to wait that long, why not enroll in the free mini-class on “Perfect Pizza at Home?”  “Perfect Pizza at Home” includes a lesson on Gluten-Free Pizza as an added bonus.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on which class you would choose.

Also, the Kona Blog Hop is coming and I’ll be posting a schedule this weekend.  Be sure to come back on the 17th so you can win some Kona fat quarters!

Happy quilting (and cooking),


4 responses to “A Craftsy Cooking Review (and a Free Class Giveaway)

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  3. I agree solids have always been an “S” word to me, too. But after this blog hop, that has changed.

  4. Very interesting…….I have never used craftsy….thanks

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