“Fatal Tide” Races the East Salem Mystery to a Staggering Conclusion

_140_245_Book_945_coverTommy Gunderson has been in the battle of his life as he and a small group of dedicated friends try to stop an evil that is invading their valley. Already, Tommy’s pond has been contaminated with Provivilan, a powerful and sinister drug. Can Tommy and Dani find a solution and stop the evil forces at work before they manage to infiltrate their evil on the whole world. The stakes are incredibly high but with the mysterious angels on their side, how can they possibly lose?
“Fatal Tide” races to conclude the East Salem novels with barely a break in the action. Tension builds on tension as the characters try to race the clock and fight the forces of evil. Lisa Wiehl delivers a fast-paced and beautifully written thrill-ride of a novel. This final episode in the East Salem novels delivers the kind of ending that will keep pages turning right until the last minute.
For fascinating, fast-paced thriller action and well-drawn characters, I give “Fatal Tide” 4.5 stars. The East Salem Novels are suitable for readers in middle grades and up.
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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