“Bellman & Black” is Exquisite Fiction

17571907Diane Setterfield has hit a home run with “Bellman & Black.” Filled with beautiful imagery, a lovely use of language and an intriguing and well-paced story…this is the kind of book you are sorry to see end even as you rush to find out the conclusion! My copy ended up bookmarked with many “so beautifully written you just have to call a friend and read it to them” places.
The basis of the story is that William Bellman commits one small act of cruelty as a boy and it, in turns, lurks in his future from his rise to fortune and his brushes with tragedy. All of these events culminate in a rather unusual business agreement with a rather strange partner. Without giving out any spoilers, “Bellman & Black” will have you glued to your book as you try to unravel the mystery.
“Bellman & Black” would make excellent book club reading but don’t wait for your friends to read it first. “Bellman & Black” is available everywhere now may be just the book you need if you’ve resolved to start your New Year with a good book!
This book was provided to me by the publisher for this review. The opinions, however, are entirely my own!

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